Childhood Memories #2

Hi there internet friends.

I have a lot of free time now that school is all done. Instead of just relaxing, I decided to get a lot of stuff done. For the last week I´ve been sorting through the pictures on my laptop and I stumbled across so many family pictures from when I was really young. I thought I´d share another one like this with you.

We don´t have pictures from many Christmas Eves but the ones we have are incredibly cute. This is my little sister and I on Christmas Eve 2008. I am lying in the arm chair and my sister is sitting on my back. We both are hugging stuffed animals, my sister the big mouse she got for her eighth birthday and myself the hippo I got from my sister for christmas that year.

The picture was taken in my grandparent´s apartment. I am looking towards the TV that is still standing in the exact same spot today (it´s a newer TV though). We celebrated Christmas at my younger grandparent´s every year until my older grandparents got too sick to go over there. As the older grandparents were living right next to our house we then celebrated Christmas at our place.

Each year my sister, myself and my younger grandparents would go to church in the evening while my parents stayed home to cook dinner and lay down the presents. They told us they would keep the door open for Christ Child when we were younger, but we figured it out eventually. 

Since both my granddads passed we don´t go to church anymore. We all don´t want to continue this tradition without them. Also the meetings at Christmas Eve have gotten shorter. Firstly, because my older grandmother can´t handle long meetings health-wise and secondly, because it just feels different now. I still get excited for Christmas though and I really like our family meetings. I just also love the memories I have from before.

Have a wonderful day

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