30 Day Workout Challenges

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As we already were on the healthy topic yesterday, let´s continue .
On Saturday I was really eager to get a healthy and toned body (ironic that I wasn´t eating healthy that day, isn´t it?). While stalking the internet for new workout videos, healthy recipes and other diet-y stuff I stumbled across a few 30 Days Workout Challenges.



I have then started the 30 Days Ab Challenge and the 30 Days Thigh Challenge on Sunday, the 1st of June. So far it´s really going good. The exercises are pretty easy to do without a trainer and the pictures explain them pretty good. Though the number of repitions are really small right now, I can already feel my muscles aching a bit. The whole thing doesn´t take too long right now - about 10 minutes - but I expect it to be twice as long in the end. I am excited for the days of rest. I am also really looking forward to see how much this actually helps and how much stronger my legs might be afterwards (leg muscles are essential for any dancer).

I measured my legs and my tummy before starting this whole thing and I also took some pictures. I am not comfortable with sharing the pictures as I am so unhappy with my body right now, but there´s no harm in listing a three small numbers, is there?

My stomach at the height of my belly button had an extent of 82,6 centimetres if I did suck it in a bit. I have a very bloated stomach most of the times and without sucking it in it had an extend of 86 centimetres. My thighs both had an extent of 63,2 centimetres which means they are radically touching. I am just unhappy with all of these numbers.

I´ll be posting an update half through the month and then a final update after I´ve finished all of the challenges. You are very welcome to also participate. Maybe we can motivate each other if we are more than one. It´s not too late to start toning our bodies for summer yet!

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