G Stands For Graduating

Hi there internet friends.

You´ve probably guessed from the title that this is going to be a post about my graduation ceremony and my prom and you´re absolutely right with that. I let you have a look into so much of my life why would I not share this aspect with you. Also I promise that this is the last post on anything that has to do with school - pinky promise!

The thing I liked most about this saturday - when everything was taking place - was having my friends around me and laughing with them. We all looked so gorgeous and we felt glorious. For once we didn´t give anything about what our colleagues thought of us. We were having fun and that was the most important thing in the world.

We´ve unlocked every door for out future now and there is almost nothing in the way to live our dream. I do think that I´ll stick to my plan of going to university though. Everything on that day was made with so much effort and everyone was trying to make this whole day the best in our lifes and I am very grateful for that. But I am also just as much relieved to leave all of this behind me. 

I´ve been going to school for twelve years now and it has made me who I am.  I am not perfect or anything, but I am proud of who I am now and I don´t want to be shoved into a certain category. I´ve changed a lot in these years and now I want to find a place were I totally fit in the way I am. I can see the bright light of my future shining at the end of the tunnel and even though it could be a train coming towards me I am excited. Not everything is going to be perfect and as long as I aware of that I can be happy.

Wow, that got deep fast. Did you experience such deep thoughts too when you were graduating?

Have a wonderful day

Summer Vacation To-Do List

Hi there internet friends.

I´ve been talking about my summer vacations non-stop and I think everyone around me is just annoyed but I can´t help it. I am just so excited! I am definitely too active and too smart to just waste my vacations with lying on the beach or drinking my head away (no idea why most of my colleagues from school really want to do that...). I want to see things and I want to make loads of memories, so I came up with a To-Do List for me.

1. Go grocery shopping in all three different countries

2. Get a few things from the duty free section
3. Read a book at the beach
4. Visit an Aquaparc
5. Visit the historic center of Nessebar
6. Lay on the beach and watch the stars at night

7. Try Italian ice-cream
8. Visit a typical old Italian building
9. Capture at least one amazing view
10. Go on a boat
11. Get one good family picture

12. Get a picture with a red phone box
13. See TFIOS again (because it´s in English then)
14. Buy all the stuff I can´t get here
15. Hear English waves at the beach
16. See London at night

As you can see I´ve got five things for each of my trips. I love grocery shopping in different countries, so I really want to do that in every country. It´s always interesting to see what kind of foods other countries have. Obviously I have to see the stars on the beach when I am in Bulgaria with my grade and visiting an Aquaparc is also necessary. To try Italian ice-cream when I am in Italy is a no-brainer as well as capturing an amazing view. My family has rented an apartment a little bit up the hill, so this might even be done on the first day. To watch The Fault in Our Stars again might seem odd to some of you but I love this film so much that I want to see it in the original language again (I can only watch it in German here). I´ve been wanting to get a picture of me in a red phone box since I went to London last time!

I still can´t believe that I´ll be leaving for Bulgaria on Wednesday already. Also I am quite terrified of flying, so that´s going to be interesting. If you follow me on any social media platforms (links are in my sidebar)  I will keep you in the loop about what I am up to. Of course, there will be a lot of blogposts about my vacations when I come back from each one. Maybe I´ll even do a round up at the end of summer to see if I crossed off everything on my To-Do list. Tell me about your summer plans in the comments.

Have a wonderful day

What I Love About... Inline Skating

Hi there internet friends.

If you don´t know that I am a very active person and that I love to go inline skating, you are clearly not following me on Twitter (@Following_Lisa). I am currently living in a very rural area and have been living here for the eighteen years of my existence. I have the perfect requirements for going inline skating right here. I am out of the residential area in ten minutes and can drive by fields and trees and catch some beautiful views.

I took every picture in this post on my skates

Things I love about inline skating:

1. It´s a fast sport
2. It´s more gentle to your joints than running
3. It really works your butt and your thighs 
4. You can easily meet up with friends and go inline skating togehter
5. You will see beautiful views and smell things like fresh strawberries - yummy!
6. You´re outside and get fresh air
7. If it´s sunny you might even get a tan
8. It´s like the wind surrounding you takes all your thoughts away
9. While inline skating I don´t feel like I am working out (I only sweat afterwards)
10. You have no costs (except for buying the skates) and you are not bound by any schedule

I am not trying to convince anyone to go inline skating regularly, it´s just not everybody´s thing. But I want to encourage you to try it. It could be perfect for you and you just don´t know about it yet. If any of the listed things above make you want to try it, then do so. Give it a chance even if you get weird looks at first - you wouldn´t believe how many looks I get from people driving by in a car. Oh, and maybe use protection gear on your first few times, safety first!

Have a wonderful day

Must-Have Summer Face Masks

Hi there internet friends.

The weather here has been kind of crazy. One day it´s sunshine all over and the next it´s grey clouds and harsh wind. My skin is always in trouble but the weather circumstances are not making everything better. One day it´s oily, the next it has big dry patches, the day after I get a lot of spots and then suddenly everything is getting really good. That cycle just starts over and over again. I have found that some face masks are really helping me during this time.

The Garnier Skin Naturals Anti-Spots Thermo Mask is an all time favorite of mine. It´s a really thick consistency that is hard to spread on your face, but once your fingers start heating it up it becomes so easy to apply. It´s made with salicylic acid and zinc (not the finest smell, I know) so it clears the pores instantly and deeply and prevents the skin from breaking out. What is really great is that it only stays on your face for about three minutes, meaning you can easily do this before heading out. I feel like my skin really gets better after I´ve used this.

Next up I have a mask that I just tried out, but I can already feel that it´s going to be very useful this summer. It´s the Glacial Mud Mask by Montagne Jeunesse. It´s a French brand and it´s 100 per cent natural which is always a bonus. It´s made with natural clay, cloudberry and red grapes to clear your pores and refresh your face while also building up a natural barrier against environmental influences. That´s exactly what I need from a mask and though it looks and smells not the best I get great, clear skin afterwards. It also really cools my whole face which is perfect for summer.

I must have told you about Cupcake by Lush a thousand times before. I was recommended this mask for my troubling skin when I was in the shop and so far I can only tell good about it. I love the peppermint chocolate-y smell of it and though the formula is quite thick you can still apply this pretty evenly. It´s so easy to wash off and cocoabutter, flax seed, cocoa powder, peppermint-, spearmint-, sandalwoodoil are treating my skin just right. I´ve never had a breakout after using this.

Last but not least the skin around my eyes is having the roughes time in summer. It gets really dry and even hurts sometimes. I haven´t been on a plane lately but I´ve heard that this might even get worse. As I am heading into three different vacations with each a long journey to my destination I thought I´d give the Herbal Eye Patches from Tamany Cosmetic a go. I´ve fallen in love with these. They are really moisturizing and cooling and make me look so much more awake. There are too many ingredients in there to give you a list, but they do they thing right. I will definitely take them with me!

All in all, I think I have most of the things that I need to help my skin as good as possible. All I need to do now is to stay away from it and do not touch it (ha, if it would be that easy).
Have a wonderful day

Childhood Memories #2

Hi there internet friends.

I have a lot of free time now that school is all done. Instead of just relaxing, I decided to get a lot of stuff done. For the last week I´ve been sorting through the pictures on my laptop and I stumbled across so many family pictures from when I was really young. I thought I´d share another one like this with you.

We don´t have pictures from many Christmas Eves but the ones we have are incredibly cute. This is my little sister and I on Christmas Eve 2008. I am lying in the arm chair and my sister is sitting on my back. We both are hugging stuffed animals, my sister the big mouse she got for her eighth birthday and myself the hippo I got from my sister for christmas that year.

The picture was taken in my grandparent´s apartment. I am looking towards the TV that is still standing in the exact same spot today (it´s a newer TV though). We celebrated Christmas at my younger grandparent´s every year until my older grandparents got too sick to go over there. As the older grandparents were living right next to our house we then celebrated Christmas at our place.

Each year my sister, myself and my younger grandparents would go to church in the evening while my parents stayed home to cook dinner and lay down the presents. They told us they would keep the door open for Christ Child when we were younger, but we figured it out eventually. 

Since both my granddads passed we don´t go to church anymore. We all don´t want to continue this tradition without them. Also the meetings at Christmas Eve have gotten shorter. Firstly, because my older grandmother can´t handle long meetings health-wise and secondly, because it just feels different now. I still get excited for Christmas though and I really like our family meetings. I just also love the memories I have from before.

Have a wonderful day

Day of Chaos

Hi there internet friends.

I have finally made it through school. Not only have I done all my exams, I have also passed all of them with a grade point average of 1.5 (1 being an A). Yay! In our school and generally around where I live there is a tradition called Day of Chaos. The graduates of the school get to make a mess on that day and get to annoy everyone else. Basically, the school gets messed up, every student gets its load of waterbaloons and red lipstick everywhere. We are saying goodbye in that matter.

The head teacher of our grade is named "Gerwing"

I present you the head teacher of our grade

At least the teachers got breakfast from us

Those stickers were really funny

They all had to watch

My sister & I

Wednesday was the Day of Chaos for my grade and it really was fun. As many grades before us we did also build up a stage and had a few games for teachers and students planned. By the end of each game the loser got whipped cream thrown into its face. We had loud music and most of my grade was so drunk that they were even being nice to me (I still don´t understand why someone would need to drink to have fun but whatever).

It was all fun until two minutes before I wanted to go. I had just packed up all my things and was ready to say goodbye to my friends when some idiot from my grade had the perfect idea to pour a bucket full of cold water down my back and to scatter a whole package of flour over me afterwards. That´s not really my idea of fun but the worst part was that I had my camera hanging from my shoulder which was then soaked in water and dusted over with flour to. No need to say that I yelled at him to stop during his attack and screamed at him after his attack. I also cried out of anger and shock. Turns out, he was doing this as revenge for something I am not even responsible for. There´s more to the story, but I don´t want to get in too deep. This is just why this post didn´t go up on Wednesday: I was not feeling up for anything.

To not have this end on a sad/angry note I can say that I am so relieved to not have to see most of my grade again. There´s still prom and graduation ceremony and the Bulgaria trip, but I can stay away from them most of the time. Also the whole thing made me realise who my real friends are as they instantly went after that guy and then came to my house to see I was okay. I love them so much and I will definitely miss them. But I am so looking forward to what my future holds. After all the stuff I´ve been through in school it can only get better and I will take you on that journey with me.

Have a wonderful day

Workout Challenges - The Update

Hi there internet friends.

As promised I am giving you an update on the 30 Days Workout Challenges I started at the beginning of the month, click here to read the original blogpost.

I am done with the first 15 days and I am feeling really good about it. I am thankful for every rest day in there as this whole thing is much more exhausting than I first thought. When I read the numbers of repition for the last few days I didn´t realize how much this actually was. It now takes me about one whole song to do one of the eight exercises for a day. Also I can´t do them all in one take anymore because it´s way too exhausting and it takes so long. Instead I am doing one or two exercises at a time and spread it throughout the whole day. At least I am avoiding sore muscles this way.

That´s the thing: I did get sore muscles after the first two days but not since then. Maybe my muscles are actually getting used to all this exercising. What I can say for sure though, is that I´ve slimmed down a few centimetres at the targeted areas. My thighs now have an extend of exactly 60 centimetres (started with 63.2 centimetres) and I feel like the amount of flesh touching when I walk has slimmed down. Also I think my thighs don´t look as wobbly anymore. I acutally feel pretty comfortable to wear shorts now. My tummy at the height of my belly button now has the extent of 76.5 centimetres (82.6 centimetres before). If I don´t suck it in it´s now 79 centimetres (86 centimetres before) which also means the bloating has been reduced. I am pretty happy with all of these developments and the challenge is not even finished yet.

I would definitely say that most of the exercises are pretty much simple and easy and can be done by anyone. I knew quite a few from my trainings before and the pictures let me assume the rest. I just re-checked how to do sit-ups and leg raises after a week as I wasn´t too sure if I was doing them right. Turns out, I wasn´t doing them right at all. So, I´d suggest to look up how to do every one of these exercises on Youtube before starting a challenge.

The challenges have also kept me motivated to stick to healthier foods instead of drowning myself in junk food which makes me feel better as an outcome. There are so many positive side effects and I love it. I think this is already one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am excited to see how it all turns out at the end of the month.

Have a wonderful day

Healthy Living #4

Hi there internet friends.

My hormons are driving me crazy this week (girls you know what I am talking about!). First I was hungrier than usually, then I wanted to eat more and more sweets. I then started to have really bad cravings for all kinds of bad food which I only overcame because I had a lot to do. Yesterday a total lack of motivation kicked in and I couldn´t resist my cravings anymore. My hormons just suck at this healthy lifestyle thing, but I won´t give up!

Breakfast - 1 bread roll with marmelade and camembert, 1 egg
Lunch - 2 slices of selfmade pizza, a few strawberries
Snack - 2 crisps, Muesli with fruit joghurt and strawberries
Dinner - 2 slices of protein bread with cream cheese and cucumber, half a pepper, 1 mushroom, 5 cherry tomatoes

Activities: 35 minutes Inline skating
Drinks: 2 Litres of water

Breakfast - 2 slices of brad with cream cheese and marmelade
Lunch - Muesly with fruit joghurt and an apple
Snack - 2 marshmallows, 1 apple
Dinner - Mixed salad with chicken breast, 1 slice of protein bread

Activities: 75 minutes dance training
Drinks: 2 lites of water

Breakfast - 1 banana
Snack - 1 apple, 1 gummibear
Lunch - 1 tuna wrap
Snack - 3 gummibears
Dinner - 2 slices of protein bread with cheese and salami, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 mushroom
Snack - 1 apple, 1 chocolate bar, 2 gummibears

Drinks: 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 slice of Brioché, 1 apple, 1 vanilla latte
Snack - 1 mushroom
Lunch - Maccaroni casserole
Snack - half a slice of protein bread
Dinner - 2 slices protein bread with cheese, 2 mushrooms, a few cherry tomatoes
Snack - 4 gummibears, 1 apple

Activities: 40 minutes Inline skating
Drinks: 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 glass strawberry-melon smoothie
Snack - 1 apple, 1 vanilla latte
Lunch - half a portion noodles, 1 slice protein bread
Snack - quarter of a honey melon
Dinner - 1 croissant, 1 bread roll
Snack - a few gummibears

Activities: one hour ballett training
Drinks: 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 apple
Snack - 1 glass of strawberrry-melon smoothie, 3 cherry tomatoes
Lunch - Cevapcici pan
Snack - 1 chococlate bar, 2 gummibears
Dinner - 1.5 slices of brad with cheese and chicken breast salad
Snack - 3 gummibears, 1 chocolate bar

Drinks: 2 litres of water

Considering that my goals were to get back to low carb dinners and try smoothies as snacks I did pretty great this week. I love smoothies when the sun is out and it´s too hot to eat anything else, but I still have to figure out how to make delicious smoothies myself as I don´t like my selfmade ones that much. I´ll just keep trying

What I am proud of this week: keeping up with my workouts, drinking 2 litres every day
My goals for next week: no evening snacks, low carb dinners

I´d also like to know how you like this series so far. I haven´t gotten mcuh response to this and I think I am thinking healthier now and could continue on my own with just giving you an update here or there. But if you like to see what I am eating on a daily basis, I´d gladly continue this whole series. Please, let me know.

Have a wonderful day

Flawless Flowers

Hi there internet friends.

The weather has been so nice lately and it not only lightens my mood but our garden as well. In every so little corner a new flower sprung and a all green flowers started showing off their colorful flowerage. I could just stand there for hours and look around.

I love taking pictures in our garden although sometimes I can´t believe that this actually is our garden when I have a look at the pictures. Over the course of two years we´ve been renewing every little corner so that it finally went from the ugly old garden that housed an old swingset, old high bars and a really old  sandpit to a beautfiul new garden with another terrace and a lot of flowers. It´s just so pretty!

The morning hours are really perfect for taking some snaps! It´s not too hot but the sun is already out. The world looks so much more colorful when the sun is out, don´t you think?

Have a wonderful day