The Fault in Our Stars - Preview Party

Hi there internet friends.

I still can´t believe what happened yesterday evening. I won two tickets for a Preview Party for "The Fault in Our Stars" in Dusseldorf a week ago and yesterday was THE evening. I got the chance to bring a friend and watch it in English with German subtitles (not that I would have neede them). I was really excited and I still am. I have seen the whole movie. How unbelievable is that?!

In the early days of this blog I wrote a review of John Green´s book and already told you how much it means to me, click here to read. It´s still an amazing book that I can´t put away. I´ve read it two more times since September 2013 and it still amazes me. It could be my personal version of "An Imperial Affliction".

Life isn't perfect. Unfortunately,it isn't a wish-granting factory. Hazel Grace and Augustus both now that. While he´s been in remission for 14 months she has to fight with lungs that suck at being lungs everyday. When they meet at support group in the literal heart of jesus it's the start of an epic lovestory that will die with them.
But neither the cancer and other side effects of dying nor their incredible love story is what the story is all about. It also asks important questions of life and about fears and death. What is the most important thing in life? What should we be dreaming of and what can we dream of? Should oblivion be our biggest fear or are a few deep relationships enough for an afterlife? What do we believe in after all?  How do we deal with our death and the death of people close to us?
But most importantly the story tells us that pain demands to be felt. we can live with it, one second after the other until eventually it becomes a part of us.

What I do love about the book so much are the characters and the way they speak. I would say that this film has the perfect cast and isn´t missing one important qoute. The actors are all really true to the character and every scene felt so real that I wanted to cry just because of the perfection. I know from a lot of interviews that Ansel and Shailene (Augustus and Hazel) got asked the question how it felt to first play siblings and then lovers frequently. I agree with their view that this just got them a good base for their chemistry. You can feel this throughout the movie. You should just see the way those two look at each other and how they hold their looks.

Only two scenes felt wrong for me (the one where Hazel reveals she used her wish on Disneyworld and the one when Isaac is breaking the trophies). I had a different way how Gus would speak in this particular scenes in mind. But what are two scenes in over 90 minutes of a film?

Though my favorite joke ("His hotness actually did blind our friend Isaac") got cut out, I still laughed a lot in the film. If you´ve read the book you know what I am talking about. The humor of this book is so well-written and it does get transferred into the film in this exact manner. But to be honest, I didn´t cry. I just can´t cry in public, but my eyes were tearing up. My best friend´s sister did cry like a waterfall and I hold her hand the entire second half of the film.

The film tells every part of this beautifully. Of course there have been some cuts and some minor plot changes because the way a film tells a story is so different from the way a book does. I am okay with that as nothing major is missing.

I know that I will be first in line as soon as the DVD gets out and I will probably watch this film a few more times in cinemas until then. I loved it! I also want to thank the whole Filmstarts -Team for making this experience possible.

By the way, to my personal Augustus Waters: You can come out of your hiding-place.


  1. Sounds like such an awesome movie and congrats on winning. That really is awesome.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. It really was awesome. I want to watch it all over again and again.
    Thanks, I couldn´t believe when I go the mail telling me I won.
    xx Lisa


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