Phone Case Wishlist

Hi there internet friends.

I just realised today that due to my contract I have to keep my beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 mini for a good 19 more months. That´s a long time, a too long time to stay with this one phone case that I just bought because I desperately needed it. It was cute for a while, but I am beginning to hate it about now.

These are the top five phone cases I would like to own in the future.

1. Keep Calm And Sparkle // get it here
2. Floral Design // get it here
3. Always Be A Unicorn // get it here
4. Owl // get it here
5. Okay? Okay. // get it here

The fifth one is probably going to be the first one. I created it on Mr. Nutcase myself after I fell in love with the general picture on Tumblr. It is beautiful, perfect and it´s from The Fault in Our Stars - I am definitely obsessed. I have also heard great things about Mr. Nutcase, so I´ll definitely order there.

Also I found out that it´s pretty hard to find gorgeous phone cases if you don´t have an iPhone. I mean like really, really hard. I am pretty happy with the ones I found though. It took me a while, but they´re all amazingly pretty. Still my next phone is going to be an iPhone, for sure!

Have a wonderful day

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