Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick - Review

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When I went shopping for this haul a while back I bought a new lipstick and immediately lost it minutes after that. I told my parents and my dad gave me half of the money I paid back as I was so upset about it (best.parents.ever.). Weeks later I bought it again while going shopping with a friend, click here to read that haul.

dapped on

build up color
I got the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick in 148 Summer Pink. I would describe the color as a bright pink with a hint of coral. It is a shimmery lipstick as you can see a lot of tiny sparkles in it and it applies quite sheer. I am in love with the way it glitters in the sunshine. For me it feels more like a lipgloss or a colored lip balm when wearing it. It´s great because it´s so light and still gives a lot of color. Fortunately, it isn´t catching my hair at all. I tried it on my hand because I wouldn´t believe it and my hair isn´t sticking to it or smudging it in any way.

I like the packaging with its silver and lilac. Sadly, the shop did put sticky tape on the end (to prevent the buyers from testing every lipstick) and when I took it off it also took off most of the silver paint on the end. Also the lid color could represents the exact lipstick color. It´s pretty the way it is. For those of you, who are always interested in the smell. The lipstick has a smell, but you can´t smell it after you´ve applied it. It is a quite heavy smell, but it´s not overpowering. I can´t put my finger on what it smells like but I know it´s not a bad smell, so I suggest you go into a store and just try it.

Talking about negative aspects, I find that this lipstick only lasts about 2 - 3 hours on my lips. It starts fading away after half an hour. Luckily, it fades away quite evenly. I think that´s because of the shimmery and sheer formular. I wouldn´t re-apply it without a mirror as it is quite pigmented and gives a good color (not only to your lips, but also the area around it). Though it´s that pigmented I still have to build up the color with quite a few layers to get the true color out of it. With the first few strikes it just looks like a bright pink.

Though it has its perks I still like to wear this lipstick. This pink is a great color for spring and summer and way better for the sunshine seasons than the brown-red tones I own. What I do mostly dapping it on my lips gently. I still get the original color, but I don´t have to worry about re-applying it. It fades away even earlier, but I could apply it this way without a mirror (though I prefer not to re-apply it at all). Sometimes I also just like to look at the gorgeous color and not apply it at all.

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