Lovely Lists

Hi there internet friends.

I am a sucker for any kind of list may it be a list of ideas, a wishlist or a simple to-do list. When I was still going to school I would make myself a to-do list for every day. Ticking things off really felt like I got something done that day. Also I could sort out what was necessary to do that day even when it was a busy day. Due to studying and revision and then the exams I haven´t been doing lists since the midth of April and besides studying I got nothing done. But that will all change now.

I sat down yesterday to create a to-do list as well as a wishlist because there´s a lot that needs to be done before summer comes around (planning my vacations would be good, wouldn´t it?). Also while I am currently saving almost everything I get for my London trip I will not deny myself the simple pleasure of being a fangirl and purchase such things as soundtracks or one of the phone cases I told you about wednesday.

I want to encourage you to try out making lists for a week or even just a day. I know it seems like a lot of work but it actually takes about five minutes tops if you concentrate for a moment. Maybe you´ll experience this good feeling when ticking off something from that list. If you don´t you can always just stop the next day. I really feel a lot more organised when I have lists and my wishlist really gets me down to put some money aside for the things on there. I think lists are great to remember what needs to be done if you´re head is clouded and to keep you on the ground.

Have you ever tried lists? What was your experience with it?

Have a wonderful day

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