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Hi there internet friends.

Since I have been studying for almost a month now and not really been blogging a lot during that time I thought a bit of a more chatty blogpost would be appropiate. So here´s what has been going on in my life lately and what is planned for the future.

As you know I have been in a lot of stress due to finals. My plan included six hours of studying each day and I can only say it worked. I have already written all of my three final exams and I have a mostly good feeling about it. After having two and a half days off of studying I am now preparing for my oral exam in two weeks. After that I don´t need to study anymore, well, until I start at uni, of course.

Other than that I have mostly watched Grey´s Anatomy and cried. This show will be the death of me and I am way too emotionally involved. I have even skipped some of my other favorite tv shows for another episode of Grey´s. Please, tell me I am not the only one.

Mostly, I skipped training for the time of studying. I was exercising only two times a week instead of five times. Also I can´t pretend like I have eaten healthy over that time. But I will do that now that I can totally look forward to my summer and a lot of beach in summer.

Not only is the weather finally playing along and it´s going to be so sunny I want to die - cool reference, huh?, but nine of my closest friends are visiting me next weekend. Additionally, I am going to Bulgaria with my grade after graduation. A week later than to Italy with my family and lastly, I am going to London with friends. Because of all the travelling I am on a spending ban from yesterday on (that´s kind of interfering with my love for Grey´s Anatomy right now). I just really want to buy as much as I can when I am in London.

I have a lot of blogposts planned for the next weeks, a lot of which are going to be reviews. Of course, I am also going to do some kind of travel diary or travel related posts. If you´d like me to I could also do a post on my tips for studying as I think I did a good job there.

Well, that´s most of what has been going on. What has been going in your life lately?

Have a wonderful day

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