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Hi there internet friends.

Two blogposts in two days. You must be lucky, guys. The view from my window is definitely telling me that summer is on its way and that means I have to get into summer shape.

Yes, I do know that I don´t have to be ashamed of my body. I have a pretty average body and I am pretty happy with it. We all have one or two zones that could always use a bit more training and that wobble a bit more than we want them to. We´re women after all, that´s normal. I do have those zones on my body as well and unless we can totally motivate ourselves to a diet or more training those zones won´t go away.

But I also hate my thighs with a passion. This passion either goes into depression and eating everything around me as I will never have thin thighs or into almost not eating anything for three days in the hope that it will help. Guess what, none of those versions help nor are either of both healthy for my body. Still I am grossed out by my thighs touching when I stand hip-width apart. I feel like they are double the size they should normally be.

My friends and family constantly reassure me that that is not the case, but if you have something burned in your head others can tell you anything it won´t change a thing. All that nonsense has to stop now. I want to live healthy and I want to lose a bit of weight around my thighs, but I have to accept that I can´t have those super thin thighs. I have the wrong genes for that.

I have an on and off relationship with te healthy lifestyle, but this time I really want to get it right. I want to start into a new life this autumn being healthy. Georgina did a series called "My Week in Food and Fitness" and I´d like to do something along those lines. If I tell you what I ate over the week I am more committed (or that´s what I hope for). 

I feel like I have to state that none of you have to do a diet now or that you should want to change the way you look. It´s just that I don´t feel comfortable with my own body anymore and that is something I should change. A healthy lifestyle will also affect my mind positively and I feel like my body will be really thankful for it. 

I will do a further explanation of what I plan in the first post of the series on sunday. I hope that this is somethig you´d like to read.

Have a wonderful day

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