Healthy Living #1

Hi there internet friends.

You remember that post last week where I told you I wanted to start living healthy and take you on this journy with me? If you haven´t read that yet, you can read it here.

By Jojomzz, used with licence

I basically screwed the first three days up. It´s hard to to such a big change at once. One day there was a birthday party with cake and other sweets, then we were getting ice cream another day and the third day I just had no motivation. But here´s what I ate since Thursday.

Breakfast - None
Lunch - Loose potato casserole
Snack - 1 apple, handful grapes, 1 chocolate bar
Dinner - 1 slice of multigrain bread with curd cheese (with herbs) and turkey breast slices
Snack - 1 apple

Activity - 60 minutes Ballett class
Drinks - 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 Apple, 1 Banana
Lunch - Pancakes with marmelade
Snack - 2 gummibears
Dinner - 1 pepper, half a cucumber, 1 Tomato, curd chese (with herbs)
Snack - 1 Apple 

Activity - None
Drinks - 2 litres of water

Breakfast - half a multigrain bread roll with marmelade and cheese, 1 apple
Lunch - one bread roll with cheese and marmelade
Snack - 2 gummibears, 1 apple, 1 fruit yoghurt
Dinner - Barbecue (2 slices of chicken breast, salad, bread)

Activity- 20 minutes cross trainer, 15 minutes cardio workout
Drinks - 2 litres of water

What  I am proud of this week:  Finally changing my lifestyle, not stopping my workout programme
My goal for next week:  Do not have a loose day, stay with 2 litres of water per day

Have a wonderful day

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