Glorious Weekends

Hi there internet friends.

I had the greatest weekend. Five of my closest friends stayed with me and the sun was shining non-stop. I was planning to just enjoy the time and not think about social media or blogs and writing this blogpost wasn´t a part of that plan. But I just looked throught the pictures and I can´t stop smiling. I have an inner need to share my happiness with the whole internet someone. Sit back and scroll through the pictures, if you´d like.

Though you have nothing to do with my friends or this particular weekend, I think you can see it as an inspiration. If you spend time with the right people the world around you will stop and turn too fast at the same time. You will smile for no reason too, you will laugh out loud over the silliest joke and you will just feel happy all around. This is what this weekend was for me. So go, gather your closest friends and family and spend some quality time with them. It´s better than any social media.

Have a wonderful day

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