Eurovision Madness

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The whole EU was going mad  last saturday night much to the confusion of everyone living outside of it. The Eurovision Song Contest Finale was on. You never know how many people are from the EU until the ESC ison.

For the ones of you who maybe have never heard of it. It´s a pretty basic song contest. Every member country of the EU can send in one act and then there´s voting in the semi-finals and finally in the finals. The winner is chosen through points. Every country can give up to 12 points. There is a jury in each country and the audience can vote for the act they want to win (except for their own country), both put together then makes up the points the country gives to other countries.

There is also a lot of politics going on in that voting much to the dislike of many. I only watch it for the music as there are some really great acts every year and it never hurts to discover new music. This year was really amazing and I thought I´d show you my top five acts from this year´s finale. There´s definitely more to check out and if you want to you can search on Youtube for a recap of the 37 songs.

This is the act from Denmark, it´s Basim with Cliché Love Song. This is definitely a total cliché song, but I get it stuck in my head all the time. It´s so incredibly catchy and happy! It reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars, who I adore, as well. Also I kind of really like the dancers in the background. That is such a happy dance that I want to dance as well.

Softengine with Something Better are from Finland. If you listen you can hear the similarity to One Direction and that´s what I am into right now. It´s a bit more into rock, I think, and it´s really good to dance around the house and scream the lyrics. Additionally, these guys are hot!

The song Undo from Samma Nielsen goes into the complete opposite direction (I have a weird taste in music). It´s a sad ballade that is sung amazingly. I get chills when I hear this and have nothing more to say about this.

Of course we also have to talk about Conchita Wurst winning the whole thing with Rise Like A Phoenix. As I said, I do only care about the music and not who wins or who loses, but this was definitely one of the best perfomances that night. It´s a very James Bond-y song. The voice is incredible and this whole song earns winning so much.

Lastly, I really enjoyed hearing and watching the winner of the last year, Emmelie de Forest, singing her winning song Only Teardrops and her new song Rainmaker. The presentation was stunning and that stage has some amazing effects. The songs are good as well, if you were wondering. It was so cool when all of the finalists were singing the refrain at the end.

What songs did you like the best?

Have a wonderful day

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  1. I was there! I had such an amazing time in Copenhagen, and the atmosphere was incredible. I saw the dress rehearsals on the day, then watched in the evening in the Rainbow Square. I loved Conchita, she was a deserving winner, but I loved Sanna and Basim too, as well as Iceland's entry. Emmelie's performance was brilliant too, she was wonderful! xx


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