Easter Bunnies

Hi there internet friends.

Easter has been two weeks ago and it has been fun, but it´s just gotten annoying. I start to hate all the friendly and chocolatey ads for Easter sales. Then there´s also this little family awaiting me when I get home.

It´s crazy, after two weeks we still have more than ten Easter bunnies left and they´re not even the most delicious ones (we at them, clearly). I came up with a few different ways of using the leftover chocolate (because after that we can all start our diet). For most of them it´s nice to invite friends over, but you can also do all of them if you prefer to stay alone.

The quite obvious idea is a chocolate fondue. Take an Easter bunny (or three), break it into little pieces and melt the chocolate until it´s creamy (use microwave or water bath). Then grab some skewers, a few pieces of fruit and/or a few pieces of sweets. Dip fruit and sweets in the chocolate and enjoy. You can also add sprinkles if you like.

Another way also involves melting the chocolate in the same way. But afterwards you dip the top of some glasses just a few millimetres deep into the chocolate. The layer of chocolate is really thin, so it dries relatively fast. To fasten that whole process you can lie the glasses in the fridge for a few minutes. Be careful to not have the chocolate touch any surface, so it doesn´t get marks on it. Then you can just enjoy a drink with your friends while chatting and have really nice looking glasses. Sprinkles are an option here as well.

With the leftovers from the fondue and the glass dipping you can still do something. Add crumbled nuts, crisps, cornflakes, whatever you like to the melted chocolate and mix it through. After you added enough the chocolate will stop being runny. You then can lay down blops as big as you like to baking paper and put that in the fridge to dry. It´s a not so healthy, but delicious snack. I used oat flakes and powdered almonds, delicious!

Still we can agree that the probably best way to eat Easter bunnies is sitting on the couch and watching your favorite tv show.

Have a wonderful day

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