April Favorites

Hi there internet friends.

April is over and it has been a month full of studying. As much as I am happy that´s over now I am also feeling useless. I managed to get through my three final exams, all that´s left now is an oral exam at the end of the month. Due to all the studying I didn´t use a lot of make up, but I found a few life savers for that past month.

Ponche Shower Gel by Lush was the best this month. I had so many days were I couldn´t get myself motivated but still had to (work, social life, etc) and this always woke me up in the shower. As it says on the packaging it is bright, fruity and encouraging. The smell is not my favorite thing, but there is something in there waking me up and that´s perfect on its own.

I´ve heard somewhere that coconut oil makes your skin more soft and helps with bruises, so I went and bought some coconut oil. It does help, indeed. My legs feel so much softer and they look better too. It does not only make bruises go away earlier than usual it also helps with little veins showing on my skin. I love it!

This is the third time I rebought the Rocket Volume Express Mascara Waterproof by Maybelline Jade. I kind of just realised how much of a life saver this is. It really holds a curl and lenghtens my lashes. It has not the best volumizing effect, but it´s okay when I put two coats on. Additionally, it does not smudge one bit.

I´ve become obsessed with the Blistex Happy Lips Strawberry while studying. It is a very sweet and very artificial strawberry scent that reminds me of sweets. It tastes just like that as well. It might not be the best lip care product ever or the lip product that lasts the longest, but it´s great for a little fruity break while studying.

When I couldn´t get my head around anything but the subject I had been studying over six hours that day I started to watch Grey´s Anatomy on a limp. I became obsessed after fifteen minutes in and then I just watched it all. A month later I am now at the end of season five and I don´t know if I am going to survive when I have finished every episode there is.

I told you it hasn´t been a massive month for favorites, but those things really helped me. I´m going to stick with them for a longer time now. But here´s also the one thing I did hate this month:

Have a wonderful day

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