Lovely Lists

Hi there internet friends.

I am a sucker for any kind of list may it be a list of ideas, a wishlist or a simple to-do list. When I was still going to school I would make myself a to-do list for every day. Ticking things off really felt like I got something done that day. Also I could sort out what was necessary to do that day even when it was a busy day. Due to studying and revision and then the exams I haven´t been doing lists since the midth of April and besides studying I got nothing done. But that will all change now.

I sat down yesterday to create a to-do list as well as a wishlist because there´s a lot that needs to be done before summer comes around (planning my vacations would be good, wouldn´t it?). Also while I am currently saving almost everything I get for my London trip I will not deny myself the simple pleasure of being a fangirl and purchase such things as soundtracks or one of the phone cases I told you about wednesday.

I want to encourage you to try out making lists for a week or even just a day. I know it seems like a lot of work but it actually takes about five minutes tops if you concentrate for a moment. Maybe you´ll experience this good feeling when ticking off something from that list. If you don´t you can always just stop the next day. I really feel a lot more organised when I have lists and my wishlist really gets me down to put some money aside for the things on there. I think lists are great to remember what needs to be done if you´re head is clouded and to keep you on the ground.

Have you ever tried lists? What was your experience with it?

Have a wonderful day

Phone Case Wishlist

Hi there internet friends.

I just realised today that due to my contract I have to keep my beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 mini for a good 19 more months. That´s a long time, a too long time to stay with this one phone case that I just bought because I desperately needed it. It was cute for a while, but I am beginning to hate it about now.

These are the top five phone cases I would like to own in the future.

1. Keep Calm And Sparkle // get it here
2. Floral Design // get it here
3. Always Be A Unicorn // get it here
4. Owl // get it here
5. Okay? Okay. // get it here

The fifth one is probably going to be the first one. I created it on Mr. Nutcase myself after I fell in love with the general picture on Tumblr. It is beautiful, perfect and it´s from The Fault in Our Stars - I am definitely obsessed. I have also heard great things about Mr. Nutcase, so I´ll definitely order there.

Also I found out that it´s pretty hard to find gorgeous phone cases if you don´t have an iPhone. I mean like really, really hard. I am pretty happy with the ones I found though. It took me a while, but they´re all amazingly pretty. Still my next phone is going to be an iPhone, for sure!

Have a wonderful day

Healthy Living #1

Hi there internet friends.

You remember that post last week where I told you I wanted to start living healthy and take you on this journy with me? If you haven´t read that yet, you can read it here.

By Jojomzz, used with licence

I basically screwed the first three days up. It´s hard to to such a big change at once. One day there was a birthday party with cake and other sweets, then we were getting ice cream another day and the third day I just had no motivation. But here´s what I ate since Thursday.

Breakfast - None
Lunch - Loose potato casserole
Snack - 1 apple, handful grapes, 1 chocolate bar
Dinner - 1 slice of multigrain bread with curd cheese (with herbs) and turkey breast slices
Snack - 1 apple

Activity - 60 minutes Ballett class
Drinks - 2 litres of water

Breakfast - 1 Apple, 1 Banana
Lunch - Pancakes with marmelade
Snack - 2 gummibears
Dinner - 1 pepper, half a cucumber, 1 Tomato, curd chese (with herbs)
Snack - 1 Apple 

Activity - None
Drinks - 2 litres of water

Breakfast - half a multigrain bread roll with marmelade and cheese, 1 apple
Lunch - one bread roll with cheese and marmelade
Snack - 2 gummibears, 1 apple, 1 fruit yoghurt
Dinner - Barbecue (2 slices of chicken breast, salad, bread)

Activity- 20 minutes cross trainer, 15 minutes cardio workout
Drinks - 2 litres of water

What  I am proud of this week:  Finally changing my lifestyle, not stopping my workout programme
My goal for next week:  Do not have a loose day, stay with 2 litres of water per day

Have a wonderful day

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick - Review

Hi there internet friends.

When I went shopping for this haul a while back I bought a new lipstick and immediately lost it minutes after that. I told my parents and my dad gave me half of the money I paid back as I was so upset about it (best.parents.ever.). Weeks later I bought it again while going shopping with a friend, click here to read that haul.

dapped on

build up color
I got the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick in 148 Summer Pink. I would describe the color as a bright pink with a hint of coral. It is a shimmery lipstick as you can see a lot of tiny sparkles in it and it applies quite sheer. I am in love with the way it glitters in the sunshine. For me it feels more like a lipgloss or a colored lip balm when wearing it. It´s great because it´s so light and still gives a lot of color. Fortunately, it isn´t catching my hair at all. I tried it on my hand because I wouldn´t believe it and my hair isn´t sticking to it or smudging it in any way.

I like the packaging with its silver and lilac. Sadly, the shop did put sticky tape on the end (to prevent the buyers from testing every lipstick) and when I took it off it also took off most of the silver paint on the end. Also the lid color could represents the exact lipstick color. It´s pretty the way it is. For those of you, who are always interested in the smell. The lipstick has a smell, but you can´t smell it after you´ve applied it. It is a quite heavy smell, but it´s not overpowering. I can´t put my finger on what it smells like but I know it´s not a bad smell, so I suggest you go into a store and just try it.

Talking about negative aspects, I find that this lipstick only lasts about 2 - 3 hours on my lips. It starts fading away after half an hour. Luckily, it fades away quite evenly. I think that´s because of the shimmery and sheer formular. I wouldn´t re-apply it without a mirror as it is quite pigmented and gives a good color (not only to your lips, but also the area around it). Though it´s that pigmented I still have to build up the color with quite a few layers to get the true color out of it. With the first few strikes it just looks like a bright pink.

Though it has its perks I still like to wear this lipstick. This pink is a great color for spring and summer and way better for the sunshine seasons than the brown-red tones I own. What I do mostly dapping it on my lips gently. I still get the original color, but I don´t have to worry about re-applying it. It fades away even earlier, but I could apply it this way without a mirror (though I prefer not to re-apply it at all). Sometimes I also just like to look at the gorgeous color and not apply it at all.

Have a wonderful day

The Fault in Our Stars - Preview Party

Hi there internet friends.

I still can´t believe what happened yesterday evening. I won two tickets for a Preview Party for "The Fault in Our Stars" in Dusseldorf a week ago and yesterday was THE evening. I got the chance to bring a friend and watch it in English with German subtitles (not that I would have neede them). I was really excited and I still am. I have seen the whole movie. How unbelievable is that?!

In the early days of this blog I wrote a review of John Green´s book and already told you how much it means to me, click here to read. It´s still an amazing book that I can´t put away. I´ve read it two more times since September 2013 and it still amazes me. It could be my personal version of "An Imperial Affliction".

Life isn't perfect. Unfortunately,it isn't a wish-granting factory. Hazel Grace and Augustus both now that. While he´s been in remission for 14 months she has to fight with lungs that suck at being lungs everyday. When they meet at support group in the literal heart of jesus it's the start of an epic lovestory that will die with them.
But neither the cancer and other side effects of dying nor their incredible love story is what the story is all about. It also asks important questions of life and about fears and death. What is the most important thing in life? What should we be dreaming of and what can we dream of? Should oblivion be our biggest fear or are a few deep relationships enough for an afterlife? What do we believe in after all?  How do we deal with our death and the death of people close to us?
But most importantly the story tells us that pain demands to be felt. we can live with it, one second after the other until eventually it becomes a part of us.

What I do love about the book so much are the characters and the way they speak. I would say that this film has the perfect cast and isn´t missing one important qoute. The actors are all really true to the character and every scene felt so real that I wanted to cry just because of the perfection. I know from a lot of interviews that Ansel and Shailene (Augustus and Hazel) got asked the question how it felt to first play siblings and then lovers frequently. I agree with their view that this just got them a good base for their chemistry. You can feel this throughout the movie. You should just see the way those two look at each other and how they hold their looks.

Only two scenes felt wrong for me (the one where Hazel reveals she used her wish on Disneyworld and the one when Isaac is breaking the trophies). I had a different way how Gus would speak in this particular scenes in mind. But what are two scenes in over 90 minutes of a film?

Though my favorite joke ("His hotness actually did blind our friend Isaac") got cut out, I still laughed a lot in the film. If you´ve read the book you know what I am talking about. The humor of this book is so well-written and it does get transferred into the film in this exact manner. But to be honest, I didn´t cry. I just can´t cry in public, but my eyes were tearing up. My best friend´s sister did cry like a waterfall and I hold her hand the entire second half of the film.

The film tells every part of this beautifully. Of course there have been some cuts and some minor plot changes because the way a film tells a story is so different from the way a book does. I am okay with that as nothing major is missing.

I know that I will be first in line as soon as the DVD gets out and I will probably watch this film a few more times in cinemas until then. I loved it! I also want to thank the whole Filmstarts -Team for making this experience possible.

By the way, to my personal Augustus Waters: You can come out of your hiding-place.

Glorious Weekends

Hi there internet friends.

I had the greatest weekend. Five of my closest friends stayed with me and the sun was shining non-stop. I was planning to just enjoy the time and not think about social media or blogs and writing this blogpost wasn´t a part of that plan. But I just looked throught the pictures and I can´t stop smiling. I have an inner need to share my happiness with the whole internet someone. Sit back and scroll through the pictures, if you´d like.

Though you have nothing to do with my friends or this particular weekend, I think you can see it as an inspiration. If you spend time with the right people the world around you will stop and turn too fast at the same time. You will smile for no reason too, you will laugh out loud over the silliest joke and you will just feel happy all around. This is what this weekend was for me. So go, gather your closest friends and family and spend some quality time with them. It´s better than any social media.

Have a wonderful day

Healthy Living

Hi there internet friends.

Two blogposts in two days. You must be lucky, guys. The view from my window is definitely telling me that summer is on its way and that means I have to get into summer shape.

Yes, I do know that I don´t have to be ashamed of my body. I have a pretty average body and I am pretty happy with it. We all have one or two zones that could always use a bit more training and that wobble a bit more than we want them to. We´re women after all, that´s normal. I do have those zones on my body as well and unless we can totally motivate ourselves to a diet or more training those zones won´t go away.

But I also hate my thighs with a passion. This passion either goes into depression and eating everything around me as I will never have thin thighs or into almost not eating anything for three days in the hope that it will help. Guess what, none of those versions help nor are either of both healthy for my body. Still I am grossed out by my thighs touching when I stand hip-width apart. I feel like they are double the size they should normally be.

My friends and family constantly reassure me that that is not the case, but if you have something burned in your head others can tell you anything it won´t change a thing. All that nonsense has to stop now. I want to live healthy and I want to lose a bit of weight around my thighs, but I have to accept that I can´t have those super thin thighs. I have the wrong genes for that.

I have an on and off relationship with te healthy lifestyle, but this time I really want to get it right. I want to start into a new life this autumn being healthy. Georgina did a series called "My Week in Food and Fitness" and I´d like to do something along those lines. If I tell you what I ate over the week I am more committed (or that´s what I hope for). 

I feel like I have to state that none of you have to do a diet now or that you should want to change the way you look. It´s just that I don´t feel comfortable with my own body anymore and that is something I should change. A healthy lifestyle will also affect my mind positively and I feel like my body will be really thankful for it. 

I will do a further explanation of what I plan in the first post of the series on sunday. I hope that this is somethig you´d like to read.

Have a wonderful day

Eurovision Madness

Hi there internet friends.

The whole EU was going mad  last saturday night much to the confusion of everyone living outside of it. The Eurovision Song Contest Finale was on. You never know how many people are from the EU until the ESC ison.

For the ones of you who maybe have never heard of it. It´s a pretty basic song contest. Every member country of the EU can send in one act and then there´s voting in the semi-finals and finally in the finals. The winner is chosen through points. Every country can give up to 12 points. There is a jury in each country and the audience can vote for the act they want to win (except for their own country), both put together then makes up the points the country gives to other countries.

There is also a lot of politics going on in that voting much to the dislike of many. I only watch it for the music as there are some really great acts every year and it never hurts to discover new music. This year was really amazing and I thought I´d show you my top five acts from this year´s finale. There´s definitely more to check out and if you want to you can search on Youtube for a recap of the 37 songs.

This is the act from Denmark, it´s Basim with Cliché Love Song. This is definitely a total cliché song, but I get it stuck in my head all the time. It´s so incredibly catchy and happy! It reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars, who I adore, as well. Also I kind of really like the dancers in the background. That is such a happy dance that I want to dance as well.

Softengine with Something Better are from Finland. If you listen you can hear the similarity to One Direction and that´s what I am into right now. It´s a bit more into rock, I think, and it´s really good to dance around the house and scream the lyrics. Additionally, these guys are hot!

The song Undo from Samma Nielsen goes into the complete opposite direction (I have a weird taste in music). It´s a sad ballade that is sung amazingly. I get chills when I hear this and have nothing more to say about this.

Of course we also have to talk about Conchita Wurst winning the whole thing with Rise Like A Phoenix. As I said, I do only care about the music and not who wins or who loses, but this was definitely one of the best perfomances that night. It´s a very James Bond-y song. The voice is incredible and this whole song earns winning so much.

Lastly, I really enjoyed hearing and watching the winner of the last year, Emmelie de Forest, singing her winning song Only Teardrops and her new song Rainmaker. The presentation was stunning and that stage has some amazing effects. The songs are good as well, if you were wondering. It was so cool when all of the finalists were singing the refrain at the end.

What songs did you like the best?

Have a wonderful day

Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara - Review

Hi there internet friends.

I´ve told you about my balky lashes quite a few times now. Somehow they are pretty much hanging down instead of being curled up. When I saw the Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara from the Glamour Doll range which I adored I had to try it out. Several months later I can´t still really make my mind up about this mascara.

As you can guess, this is my face with nothing done instead of eyebrows and foundation.

Here I have applied one layer of mascara to my top lashes after curling them. For a comparism I used the Glamour Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof (one of my all time favorite mascaras) on the left eye.

These are now two layers with no further curling and one layer on my lower lashes.

I like the packaging of the mascara. It´s plastic, but it looks quite elegant because of its cut. It also lies really good in my hand and is easy to open. The brush is slightly rounded with a lot of thick hairs. 

I have to say that I dislike this mascara for a few reasons. I adore how much it lenghtens my lashes and how my lashes look after two coats. Additionally, the effect on the lower lashes is phenomenal and just the way I want it to be. But this mascara is supposed to be ultra black, which it isn´t, and to give a lot of volume to my lashes, which it also doesn´t do. 

I am disappointed by the curling effect of this mascara the most. The formula makes my lashes weak, soft and flexible and even after I´ve curled my lashes with heat the curl disappears after a few minutes. The Waterproof Volume Mascara does more for my curl than the one that is especially made for the curl. As you can see in the pictures above the Glamour Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof has a more dramatic effect on my lashes.

Furthermore, I should mention that I still can´t apply this without the mascara going everywhere around my eye. I blame that on the formula in combination with the brush. The thick hairs hold a lot of formula that does not only apply to the lashes but everything in that area. 

After two hours of wearing this (or the Glamour Doll Volume Mascara) I get a dark shadow under my eye. This doesn´t make the mascara wearable for my lower lashes for which it would be perfect. Even when only applying it on my top lashes I get a dark shadow in the corner of my eye. Honestly, I expected that for only 3,45 €.

I still like to use this and the Glamour Doll Volume Mascara for the second layer after I´ve applied a mascara that strongly holds a curl. I do really like the effect it has on my lashes. That is why I still can´t totally dislike or totally love this mascara. Though I can totally decide that I love the Glamour Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof way more.

Do you have any mascara you have a love/hate relationship with?

Have a wonderful day

Life Lately

Hi there internet friends.

Since I have been studying for almost a month now and not really been blogging a lot during that time I thought a bit of a more chatty blogpost would be appropiate. So here´s what has been going on in my life lately and what is planned for the future.

As you know I have been in a lot of stress due to finals. My plan included six hours of studying each day and I can only say it worked. I have already written all of my three final exams and I have a mostly good feeling about it. After having two and a half days off of studying I am now preparing for my oral exam in two weeks. After that I don´t need to study anymore, well, until I start at uni, of course.

Other than that I have mostly watched Grey´s Anatomy and cried. This show will be the death of me and I am way too emotionally involved. I have even skipped some of my other favorite tv shows for another episode of Grey´s. Please, tell me I am not the only one.

Mostly, I skipped training for the time of studying. I was exercising only two times a week instead of five times. Also I can´t pretend like I have eaten healthy over that time. But I will do that now that I can totally look forward to my summer and a lot of beach in summer.

Not only is the weather finally playing along and it´s going to be so sunny I want to die - cool reference, huh?, but nine of my closest friends are visiting me next weekend. Additionally, I am going to Bulgaria with my grade after graduation. A week later than to Italy with my family and lastly, I am going to London with friends. Because of all the travelling I am on a spending ban from yesterday on (that´s kind of interfering with my love for Grey´s Anatomy right now). I just really want to buy as much as I can when I am in London.

I have a lot of blogposts planned for the next weeks, a lot of which are going to be reviews. Of course, I am also going to do some kind of travel diary or travel related posts. If you´d like me to I could also do a post on my tips for studying as I think I did a good job there.

Well, that´s most of what has been going on. What has been going in your life lately?

Have a wonderful day

April Favorites

Hi there internet friends.

April is over and it has been a month full of studying. As much as I am happy that´s over now I am also feeling useless. I managed to get through my three final exams, all that´s left now is an oral exam at the end of the month. Due to all the studying I didn´t use a lot of make up, but I found a few life savers for that past month.

Ponche Shower Gel by Lush was the best this month. I had so many days were I couldn´t get myself motivated but still had to (work, social life, etc) and this always woke me up in the shower. As it says on the packaging it is bright, fruity and encouraging. The smell is not my favorite thing, but there is something in there waking me up and that´s perfect on its own.

I´ve heard somewhere that coconut oil makes your skin more soft and helps with bruises, so I went and bought some coconut oil. It does help, indeed. My legs feel so much softer and they look better too. It does not only make bruises go away earlier than usual it also helps with little veins showing on my skin. I love it!

This is the third time I rebought the Rocket Volume Express Mascara Waterproof by Maybelline Jade. I kind of just realised how much of a life saver this is. It really holds a curl and lenghtens my lashes. It has not the best volumizing effect, but it´s okay when I put two coats on. Additionally, it does not smudge one bit.

I´ve become obsessed with the Blistex Happy Lips Strawberry while studying. It is a very sweet and very artificial strawberry scent that reminds me of sweets. It tastes just like that as well. It might not be the best lip care product ever or the lip product that lasts the longest, but it´s great for a little fruity break while studying.

When I couldn´t get my head around anything but the subject I had been studying over six hours that day I started to watch Grey´s Anatomy on a limp. I became obsessed after fifteen minutes in and then I just watched it all. A month later I am now at the end of season five and I don´t know if I am going to survive when I have finished every episode there is.

I told you it hasn´t been a massive month for favorites, but those things really helped me. I´m going to stick with them for a longer time now. But here´s also the one thing I did hate this month:

Have a wonderful day

Spring/Summer Nailpolishes

Hi there internet friends.

This is just a short look at what colors I will wear in summer and have already worn a lot in spring - we do still have spring, right?

*from left to right P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish 130 Fresh Sister,
 Essie Cute As A Button, Catrice Love, Peach & Harmony

If you want to read a bit of what I think about each one of those nailpolishes go over to Nicole´s blog and read my guest post. This was and still is a wonderful project of her called #ABlogADayForTheWholeOfMay where each day she uploads a guest post. So if you´re looking for some new blogs to read, go and read a lot of those guest posts. I have already seen great ones!

Of course, do follow Nicole as well. She is such a lovely person. I love reading her thoughts on anything make up related and I love her style whenever she does a bit of fashion. I also adore her red hair in combination with her read lips. Just go and have a look (and do follow!).

Have a wonderful day

Easter Bunnies

Hi there internet friends.

Easter has been two weeks ago and it has been fun, but it´s just gotten annoying. I start to hate all the friendly and chocolatey ads for Easter sales. Then there´s also this little family awaiting me when I get home.

It´s crazy, after two weeks we still have more than ten Easter bunnies left and they´re not even the most delicious ones (we at them, clearly). I came up with a few different ways of using the leftover chocolate (because after that we can all start our diet). For most of them it´s nice to invite friends over, but you can also do all of them if you prefer to stay alone.

The quite obvious idea is a chocolate fondue. Take an Easter bunny (or three), break it into little pieces and melt the chocolate until it´s creamy (use microwave or water bath). Then grab some skewers, a few pieces of fruit and/or a few pieces of sweets. Dip fruit and sweets in the chocolate and enjoy. You can also add sprinkles if you like.

Another way also involves melting the chocolate in the same way. But afterwards you dip the top of some glasses just a few millimetres deep into the chocolate. The layer of chocolate is really thin, so it dries relatively fast. To fasten that whole process you can lie the glasses in the fridge for a few minutes. Be careful to not have the chocolate touch any surface, so it doesn´t get marks on it. Then you can just enjoy a drink with your friends while chatting and have really nice looking glasses. Sprinkles are an option here as well.

With the leftovers from the fondue and the glass dipping you can still do something. Add crumbled nuts, crisps, cornflakes, whatever you like to the melted chocolate and mix it through. After you added enough the chocolate will stop being runny. You then can lay down blops as big as you like to baking paper and put that in the fridge to dry. It´s a not so healthy, but delicious snack. I used oat flakes and powdered almonds, delicious!

Still we can agree that the probably best way to eat Easter bunnies is sitting on the couch and watching your favorite tv show.

Have a wonderful day