Themed Week #4 - Mario Kart

Hi there internet friends.

As  told you yesterday, I wasn´t very excited for this day. I even thought of not going at all. But then again I couldn´t miss all of it.

I couldn´t miss it especially since my best friend created this amazing t-shirts for us. We decided to not go as a character, but a gamer. As far as I´ve seen it, we were the only once. 10 Points to us for individuality. (oops, wrong theme)

We had lots of Marios, Luigis and Peaches running around and I was honestly a bit disappointed. I expected a bit more creativity. On the other hand, there were some really great costumes. The head of our grade dressed up again, how could it have been different. He did drive a few rounds on the motorcycles (no matter how big they were) the boys brought with them. 

A teacher (!!!) helped us organize a few races on the schoolyard. It was so much fun even though I didn´t participate. Well, that´s the downside of not going as a character with a Bobby-Car.

Eventually, we ended up storming into other classes and having a little party there in our free period. A few of the boys dressed us monkeys even had the guts to delouse one of the teachers.

Well, the only reason I am going to school tomorrow is getting my school report. And of course, saying goodbye to all the classes as it is our last day of school ever (or hopefully). I am looking forward to that.

Have a wonderful day

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