Themed Week #3 - Orient

Hi there internet friends.

I´ve had a pretty exciting school day today. Today´s theme was Orient and I didn´t expect it to be that much fun.

I did fall in love with my costume from the start. Me and my best friend borrowed it from the costume department at our local amateur stage. I´ve seen them on others for our Aladdin performance back in 2010 and I always wanted to wear one of them. Now I got the chance and I just love it even more now. It´s gorgeous.

As the theme suggested we had a little dance party outside when the sun came out. I discovered, that the skirt of my costume was beautifully flying when I was spinning. 

Sadly, the theme didn´t leave much space for creativity this time. But it was all so colorful and pretty. The head of my grade did take the biscuit though. He certainly gains some brownie points for hilarious costumes and for just going with all of this. 

During the fifth lesson we got kind of bored so we started to run into random classrooms, have a little party there and then go off again. You can´t imagine how much fun it was. We are now nearing the end of our time at the school and just being able to shout out the incredible atmosphere we are living in right now is amazing.

My legs hurt right now and I am just tired, but this week just keeps getting better and better. I kind of expect tomorrow to be not as exciting, but stay tuned for that. My opinion might always just change during the day.

Have a wonderful day

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