Themed Week #2 - High School Musical

Hi there internet friends.

"High School Musical" was the theme for today and yes, I did squeal when I read first read that. I was and am still a major fan of all the films even though I know how bad they are. The songs are way too catchy for me to not love them. 

I know, a cheerleader costume is not the most creative I´ve ever been. At least, I did know the steps to the cheerleader part of the dance. That way I had the right to wear it, kind of. 

My grade blew my mind with their creativity. I did expect way more to dress up as cheerleader, but we were around ten in the end. Instead, we did have two lockers, two hippies and quite a few nerds. The head of our grade was portraying a hip-hopper. How cool is that?

We did learn the "We´re All In This Together Dance" for this day or better said: I learned it and teached all of them. After teaching it to two thirds of my grade in the first two lessons, we did perfom it in the breaks. Those dances were the favorite part of the day for me. 

This was my favorite day yet. I loved the music, the dances, the costumes and I have never laughed so much in school. Keep your eyes peeled for another fun theme tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a good one as well.

Have a wonderful day

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