Themed Week #1- Hogwarts

Hi there internet friends.

Today was the first day of my last week of school. Our theme today was "Hogwarts". As if I wasn´t fangirling over the theme enough already, it was so much fun coming up with a costume.

Though I thought most of my classmates would be going as normal students (obviously), we did have some pretty creative costumes. One girl, for example, did dress up as The One Who Shall Not Be Named and another one as Dolores Umbridge. The head of our grade did dress up as Dumbledore, which was amazing! But see for yourself who you can find in the pictures.

My English teacher did the most amazing thing. She pretended like we were in Hogwarts and did Muggle Studies with us for half an hour or so. 

Me and my best friend decided to not go with the obvious, but think of something more special. We were going as living portraits. My best friend as Helena Ravenclaw and myself as Ariana Dumbledore. It was fun walking around with our frames and switching them. We did even got recognized as living portraits which we didn´t expect that much.

The whole day was amazing and I am so excited for the days to come. Keep tuned for the next days.

Have a wonderful day

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