Medium Primark Haul

Hi there internet friends.

Though I have a lot going on right now and I am really lacking creativity due to studying all day, I made a bit of room yesterday to meet one of my bestest friends. Sadly, she is living in Berlin which is way too far away. But she was relatively near to my hometown this week and so we agreed to meet in Essen to have dinner. 

Since we´re normal girls we couldn´t resist having a little scoop into Primark. Well, little turned out quite big.

I bought this vanilla scented candle which really has nothing special to it. I just like the look of it and I am trying to buy more candles as I really like them. It smells definitely like sweet vanilla and I love it. This little owl cup was just too cute to leave it there. It´s already my third owl mug, but I am kind of obsessed with how sweet they all look.

The hairclips easily slipped into my bag as they look really cute. I have never worn clips like this and maybe it´s the right time to start now. I have also hear great things about them. I fell for the two necklaces the moment I saw them. The golden one is really simple with small triangles that have a black triangle inside of them. You could wear this to an elegant outfit as well as to an casual one. The silver one with pastel colors is just perfect for spring. Though it´s quite big it doesn´t look like too much of a necklace. You could basically wear this to everthing in spring.

I have never owned a clutch, can you believe it? This one catched my eye and I just took it with me. It is quite big and bright, but I think it will be great for summer. I love the little lock detail on the front. The sandals were just necessary as I have three summer vacations planned and these will come in hand. Also I think they are quite elegant and I like the look of them.

This top is the only cothing item I bouth. It does look very elegant and I can imagine this for a night out in summer. The straps at the back and the pearls around the neckline make it look a bit more special. I adore the flowy look of it.

This clutch is my favorite purchase of the whole day. It´s not from Primark but from I Am. I was in love the moment I saw it. Well, it is supposed to be a wallet, but I am just going to misuse it as it looks way too beautiful to be a wallet. My phone and my keys fit in there, so that´s enough space for me. I could sit here and look at it all day. I love it so much!

I do have another haul coming up over the next few days as I quickly went into a drugstore and a Lush while I was in Essen. It will go up around the weekend, I think. Are you already buying summer clothes?

Have a wonderful day


  1. I love your little owl mug! And the colour of that clutch is gorgeous. I've been getting into a bit of Primark lately, and I keep finding such cute little bits and bobs. xx

    1. I love the mug too (though it´s not that little). I have been always a fan of primark for the accessoires and little things, but I don´t like their clothing range too much.
      xx Lisa


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