Kitchen Wars

Hi there internet friends.

I had a pretty amazing evening yesterday and I kind of feel the need to share that with you (or make you a bit jealous). Because we only have one more week of school to go before our finals, may of my classes have decided on spending an evening together. It´s a pretty nice thing as we get the change to hang out with some cool teachers out of school and they get to know us better. Also it´s a pretty good thing to remember when thinking back on school later.

*Education Science is called ErziehungsWissenschaften in Germany

My Education Science class planned a whole evening with cooking a three course meal (and eating it, duh!). We split into six groups - one for appetisers, two for the main dish and three for dessert. It was not the best thing considering I am trying to eat healthy, but it was so good!

This is the appetiser called "Tomato Served Three Ways". Well, let´s just say, I could have eaten way more than only three ways. It tasted as amazing as it looked! No surprise it finished second.

The next dish was a main dish and not decorated as nicely, but it tasted very good. They called it "French Fried Pork Ragout with Ratatouille". We voted it as the 5th best dish.

"Freudian Vegetables on Hurrelmannian Spaetzle with Mead" was a very creative name for the second main dish. It had more sauce, but also was a bit more spicy. I did like it very much. The voting as 4th best dish goes along with my feeling. This main dish tasted better than the other one.

Now onto my favorite part: dessert. This one had the most uncreative name "Gentlemen´s Custard". It is very known in Germany and it consits of vanilla pudding, cream and dark chocolate. Normally, it is very delicious, but something went wrong in the cooking process and ... Well, let´s just say it had some chunks in it that didn´t make it very taste. No wonder we voted it as the least best dish.

This is dessert my best friend and I made. We called it "Heavenly Strawberrycream". No joke, this tastes like Spaghettieis! You can´t count calories here, but if you want to see a recipe for it, tell me and I´ll give it to you! We got voted as third best dish.

"Frozen Love" finished first and it deserved it. It is similar to our strawberrycream, but made with raspberries and way more fruits. It really was delicious. I want to live in that dessert. Sadly, it has tons of calories, too.

Though I am not the person who loves her classmates so much, I did enjoy the whole evening. The voting put a nice effect to everything though we didn´t take it that seriously.

Have you done something like this before?

Have a wonderful day

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