Childhood Memories #1

Hi there internet friends.

It´s the time of the year where we all sit back, have a nice cup and tea and desperately search for a picture from our childhood. Just kidding. That´s what I was doing a few days back. I needed to find a good picture of me as a child for school and graduation. Therefore I had to go through all of the old pictures we have. Let´s just say that I definitely was afraid of the camera as a child, but whenever my parents did take a picture of me, it was adorable! I thought it would be nice to share them with you as I am a real fan of Nicole´s series The Photo Album.

I have been a cuddly girl since I was born. I used to have like a thousand stuffed animals. Some of them were very close to my heart so that they all got individual names and I still got all 16 of them in a basket in my room. I just love them too much to put them away, ever! We never had a pet so I guess they were/are my pets in a way.

The picture was taken on a holiday, that much I remember about the situation. As you can see there I was always a big fan of books. I didn´t even remember reading out loud to my babies (yep, that´s what I call them) that early. The bear you can see is my favorite stuffed animal of all time (he still sleeps with me in bed every night, don´t judge me!). 

*that´s what they look like now

His name is Petzi and he´s made by Steiff. Somehow he lost the button in his ear proving that, I think it had something to do with me biting it out. He definitely isn´t the most beautiful stuffed animal anymore (when we saw the original in a Steiff shop in Berlin two years back, I wouldn´t believe it was the same bear), but he´s  been with me through everything and I´ll love him forever. He has a further back story, maybe I´ll tell that to you someday.

The pig is also made by Steiff and he lost his button in the same mysterious circumstances. His name is Eddie  and I chose him to be my birthday present when I was very young.  The doll is just the normal Baby Born that probably every girl had. I named mine Emily or Anabelle if I remember correctly. I am not attached to her as much now, but I do still get sentimental when I see her in the attic (I always have to hold her for a moment). She´s just so cute and I loved to play with her, made me feel like I was doing adult stuff.

Well, those were only two of my stuffed animals. I had a clique of  five stuffed animals built up by the time I was 6. I couldn´t sleep without them and I had to hug them all. What if one of them would feel left out? Sounds ridicoulos, right? But that´s what I was thinking back then. I do still love and wouldn´t want to miss any of them. They were my favorite toy.

Have a wonderful day

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