Change of Plans

Hi there internet friends.

I have a sad announcement to make. Before you go hiding in a dark corner it is not somebody-died or I-will-stop-blogging sad. I would describe it as I-wish-I-could-do-it-another-way sad.

It´s the time of finals, yay to that! I live in Germany and am approaching my Abitur right now. Abitur can be compared to A-levels. Therefore I have a lot of studying to do. My exams will be May (last one on 27th May) and it´s getting a lot more stressful now. I need, need, need to study everyday and have to juggle my part-time job and physical exercise with that. Luckily, I only have one week of school left. 

But that doesn´t change the fact that I have to cut down on blogging a bit. Instead of uploading 4 blogposts a week, I will only write one on Monday and one on Friday. I think two thought through blogposts are better than four half-heartedly written ones. It´s about quality, not quantity.

Therefore, I thought I´d do things differently for the last week of full blogging. We have what we call Mottowoche (Themed Week) during the next week and I am excited. It´s the last week of school for my grade. It´s the week where we dress up in costumes. We have five different themes and I love everyone of them. That´s going to be so much fun. I want to write a blogpost everyday for the next week and show you some pictures of that. Also in advance for the lack of blogposts over the next time.

I hope you will all stay with me during that time. From June on I will be blogging again full time. I can´t wait for my 4 month long break after that.

Have a wonderful day

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