Catrice Lip Polish - Review

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The past week has been much fun, but also very much biased towards lifestyle here on my blog. I thought a beauty related review might even that out a bit. I bought the Catrice Smoothing Lip Polish in 030 Strawberry´s Secret a while back and have tested it since then.

For a start, I like the packaging. It is black plastic, but  it doesn´t feel cheap at all. The color is displayed on the lid which is perfect as you don´t have to open the lip polish to see the color. The applicator is the usual doe foot applicator with a little hole that saves up the product. 

For me the appliance of lipsticks and lipglosses is the point where it can all go wrong. Luckily, this one doesn´t screw up. The doe foot applicator isn´t my favorite one, but it does the job. The creamy formula allows a quite even appliance, but it does tend to linger around the edges a lot. The little hole definitely helps a bit as I don´t have to get product out that often. You can definitely build the color up as you go. It becomes a bit more red-ish with every layer. 

During the day the shine you get at the start gets lost, but a matte version of the exact same color stays on your lips. It isn´t moving towards the creases at all. I think I like the matte version as well as the glossy version. This lip stain definitely passes the eating and drinking test if you can give up the glossy finish. I do have to say that the smell is kind of strange, but not in a bad way. I got used to it especially since it loses the scent over the day.

I think all in all the lip stain definitely fulfills the three advantages that were promised. It has the bright and pigmented color of a lipsick, it has the longevity of a stain and it has the shiny finish of a lipgloss (at least at start). I got quite a lot of positive comments for this lip stain and I will wear it a lot during this season.

Do you have tried out any lip stains yet?

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