Becoming An Adult

Hi there internet friends.

I am now an adult. Okay, legally I am an adult, my heart will always be a four-year-old. I finally turned 18 yesterday.

*Mhm, delicious cake outside with my family. Perfect!

*Yes, we can all fit onto one couch.

* I mostly got money (just what I wished for), but it was all nicely packed.

*My grandma and my sister both got me photoalbums and they are so lovely! One is about me growing up showing one picture a year and the other includes pictures from my time at our local amateur stage.

In Germany that means I am legally an adult now and that brings some great things with it.

I can buy the Schnaps that I don´t drink now.
I can drive a car for which I don´t have a licence now.
I can buy cigarettes that I don´t smoke now.
I can stay ou after midnight which my parents allowed before as well now.

What I am getting at is that nothing has really changed for me and that the whole birthday wasn´t a big deal. I did celebrate it though as I love having my closest friends around me. I am just going to share a few pictures of the day with you.

Have a wonderful day

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