All That I Own #3 - Lip Care

Hi there internet friends.

It´s not like I haven´t already been obsessed with lip care products, but it has kind of gotten worse since the start of this year. I honestly have no explanation for that. 

Starting from left we have the The Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon as first item. I would definitely describe the scent of it as sweet and sour at the same time, but I am actually not quite sure if I like it. The pot does look cute and all, but it´s hard to get any product out as it is already pretty deep from the start and the product is pretty much solid. I don´t want to get all of the product under my finger nail. I do have to say that the product melts beautifully when it gets into contact with fingers/lips long enough. And it leaves a nice feeling on my lips.

The next two are te Blistex Happy Lips in Mango and Strawberry. I am in love with the smell of this two; it´s very sweet and fruity and a bit artifical, but that´s totally okay (a bit like sweets, actualy). The nice packaging makes the appliance easy and the bright colors brng a smile to my lips as well. They also leave my lips feeling nice for the moment, but they don´t last too long.

I only own two of the four here available Maybelline Baby Lips. Mine are Hydrate and Peach Kiss. The first one is the normal white and leaves my lips feeling really hydrated. I also do feel like it leaves a lot more product on my lips which makes it feel a bit heavy. Even though it has no special scent, it still smells really nice. Peach Kiss obviously is supposed to smell like peaches and it totally does. I love it! Though it is colored I wouldn´t say that it puts any extra color to my lips. However, I do think it is underlining my normal lip color.

The Balea Urea Lip Balm is the perfect one for dry lips. It works wonder and I don´t know how it does that. The white balm sadly covers my natural lip color sometimes and it just looks a bit dumb to walk around like that. But this is my savior on cold winter days. In summer I prefer to wear it in the night to repair my lips as it lies quite heavily on them.

I have nothing special to say about the Boulevard Lip Balm. It works and that´s basically all. It does look very cheap at first sight, but it stays quite long on my lips. Also it adds a slight shimmer to them.

The Balea Lip Butter in Juicy Orange has a more creamy texture than the The Body Shop one. Also the pot is not as deep, so I can also apply this from the pot directly to my lips (looks stupid, but works). It smells really articificially sweet, but sometimes it´s just what I need.  It feels kind of heavily on my lips and the scent stays for a long time. I will put this away for when I run out of other lip care products.

That´s all I own for now. I am sure my next walk into a drugstore will end with me getting at least one other lip product. I am kind of addicted, I have to admit... What about you? Do you have tried out any of those products?

Have a wonderful day

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