Drugstore Haul feat. Lush

Hi there internet friends.

I am actually proud of myself for posting quite regularly though I am in the middle of revision right now. Today I thought I´d show you the second part of my medium Big Haul.

I had to have a glance into Lush because I felt like I couldn´t continue living without getting a few pieces of their Easter Edition. I probably haven´t been too wrong about that.

I got this little bunny (which everyone thinks it´s a mouse, but clearly it´s not!) which smells amazingly sweet. It´s a Bubble Bar, but I am acutally quite afraid to use it. It just looks to cute. How could I dismiss the golden egg? It´s gold, it glitters, it smells amazing, it´s perfect. I am so excited to use this. At the counter the nice cashier told me I could get a free sample if I wanted to and of course I wanted to. I asked for a little piece of the From Dusk Till Dawn Massage Bar.

As I needed a new Maybelline Fit Me Concealer I also needed to hop into a drugstore and I bought more than I intended to. I did get my concealer, but I bought the wrong shade. I thought I had the brightest which was 10 in that store, turned out I had 15 which is even brighter than 10. Maybe I can work it for summer. I also got one of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 148 which is a bright and kind of warm pink, perfect for spring and summer.

Because they had an offer for getting a free black Kohl Kajal if you bought the Astor Seduction Code Mascara I went for that too. Last, but not least I couldn´t keep my hands off the Astor Perfect Stay Oxygen Fresh Make up. It felt amazing on my hands and it is light as feathers on my skin.

That´s all I got for probably a longer time. I am trying to save most of my money for my trip to London in August so that I can buy all the make up I can´t get here. I am really looking forward to that.

What is your perfect lip color for spring and summer?

Have a wonderful day

Becoming An Adult

Hi there internet friends.

I am now an adult. Okay, legally I am an adult, my heart will always be a four-year-old. I finally turned 18 yesterday.

*Mhm, delicious cake outside with my family. Perfect!

*Yes, we can all fit onto one couch.

* I mostly got money (just what I wished for), but it was all nicely packed.

*My grandma and my sister both got me photoalbums and they are so lovely! One is about me growing up showing one picture a year and the other includes pictures from my time at our local amateur stage.

In Germany that means I am legally an adult now and that brings some great things with it.

I can buy the Schnaps that I don´t drink now.
I can drive a car for which I don´t have a licence now.
I can buy cigarettes that I don´t smoke now.
I can stay ou after midnight which my parents allowed before as well now.

What I am getting at is that nothing has really changed for me and that the whole birthday wasn´t a big deal. I did celebrate it though as I love having my closest friends around me. I am just going to share a few pictures of the day with you.

Have a wonderful day

Easter Inspired FOTD: Pretty In Pink

Hi there internet friends.

It has been five days since I last blogged and it feels more like five years. Revision is seriously the worst thing a human being has ever invented. Anyways, it is Easter and the weather couldn´t be more perfect and I am happy.

I am wearing:
Face -> Astor Perfect Stay Oxygen Fresh Make Up in 100, Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation in 020, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 130
Cheeks -> Kiko Blush in 108, Boulevard Blusher
Eyes -> Mac Eyeshadow in Texture,  Boulevard Eyeshadow Quattro in Cranberry lightest pink shade, P2 Style Deluxe Designer in 030 highlighter color, Astor EyeArtist Kajal in 090 (review to follow), Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Waterproof, Astor Seduction Code Mascara (review to follow)
Lips -> Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in 148 (review to follow)

Since I am not leaving the house at all much except for meeting friends I like to go with an easy make up that isn´t too heavy on the eyes. Spring always seems so light and I don´t like it to be heavy then. For Easter I added a hint of cranberry to the center of my lid, a pink blush and pink highlighter and a bright, shiny pink for my lips. It looks pretty and is done in less than fifteen minutes. Also it resembles the brightness of Easter. I think you can easily wear this to a family meeting as it is so subtle.

Happy Easter!

Medium Primark Haul

Hi there internet friends.

Though I have a lot going on right now and I am really lacking creativity due to studying all day, I made a bit of room yesterday to meet one of my bestest friends. Sadly, she is living in Berlin which is way too far away. But she was relatively near to my hometown this week and so we agreed to meet in Essen to have dinner. 

Since we´re normal girls we couldn´t resist having a little scoop into Primark. Well, little turned out quite big.

I bought this vanilla scented candle which really has nothing special to it. I just like the look of it and I am trying to buy more candles as I really like them. It smells definitely like sweet vanilla and I love it. This little owl cup was just too cute to leave it there. It´s already my third owl mug, but I am kind of obsessed with how sweet they all look.

The hairclips easily slipped into my bag as they look really cute. I have never worn clips like this and maybe it´s the right time to start now. I have also hear great things about them. I fell for the two necklaces the moment I saw them. The golden one is really simple with small triangles that have a black triangle inside of them. You could wear this to an elegant outfit as well as to an casual one. The silver one with pastel colors is just perfect for spring. Though it´s quite big it doesn´t look like too much of a necklace. You could basically wear this to everthing in spring.

I have never owned a clutch, can you believe it? This one catched my eye and I just took it with me. It is quite big and bright, but I think it will be great for summer. I love the little lock detail on the front. The sandals were just necessary as I have three summer vacations planned and these will come in hand. Also I think they are quite elegant and I like the look of them.

This top is the only cothing item I bouth. It does look very elegant and I can imagine this for a night out in summer. The straps at the back and the pearls around the neckline make it look a bit more special. I adore the flowy look of it.

This clutch is my favorite purchase of the whole day. It´s not from Primark but from I Am. I was in love the moment I saw it. Well, it is supposed to be a wallet, but I am just going to misuse it as it looks way too beautiful to be a wallet. My phone and my keys fit in there, so that´s enough space for me. I could sit here and look at it all day. I love it so much!

I do have another haul coming up over the next few days as I quickly went into a drugstore and a Lush while I was in Essen. It will go up around the weekend, I think. Are you already buying summer clothes?

Have a wonderful day

All That I Own #3 - Lip Care

Hi there internet friends.

It´s not like I haven´t already been obsessed with lip care products, but it has kind of gotten worse since the start of this year. I honestly have no explanation for that. 

Starting from left we have the The Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon as first item. I would definitely describe the scent of it as sweet and sour at the same time, but I am actually not quite sure if I like it. The pot does look cute and all, but it´s hard to get any product out as it is already pretty deep from the start and the product is pretty much solid. I don´t want to get all of the product under my finger nail. I do have to say that the product melts beautifully when it gets into contact with fingers/lips long enough. And it leaves a nice feeling on my lips.

The next two are te Blistex Happy Lips in Mango and Strawberry. I am in love with the smell of this two; it´s very sweet and fruity and a bit artifical, but that´s totally okay (a bit like sweets, actualy). The nice packaging makes the appliance easy and the bright colors brng a smile to my lips as well. They also leave my lips feeling nice for the moment, but they don´t last too long.

I only own two of the four here available Maybelline Baby Lips. Mine are Hydrate and Peach Kiss. The first one is the normal white and leaves my lips feeling really hydrated. I also do feel like it leaves a lot more product on my lips which makes it feel a bit heavy. Even though it has no special scent, it still smells really nice. Peach Kiss obviously is supposed to smell like peaches and it totally does. I love it! Though it is colored I wouldn´t say that it puts any extra color to my lips. However, I do think it is underlining my normal lip color.

The Balea Urea Lip Balm is the perfect one for dry lips. It works wonder and I don´t know how it does that. The white balm sadly covers my natural lip color sometimes and it just looks a bit dumb to walk around like that. But this is my savior on cold winter days. In summer I prefer to wear it in the night to repair my lips as it lies quite heavily on them.

I have nothing special to say about the Boulevard Lip Balm. It works and that´s basically all. It does look very cheap at first sight, but it stays quite long on my lips. Also it adds a slight shimmer to them.

The Balea Lip Butter in Juicy Orange has a more creamy texture than the The Body Shop one. Also the pot is not as deep, so I can also apply this from the pot directly to my lips (looks stupid, but works). It smells really articificially sweet, but sometimes it´s just what I need.  It feels kind of heavily on my lips and the scent stays for a long time. I will put this away for when I run out of other lip care products.

That´s all I own for now. I am sure my next walk into a drugstore will end with me getting at least one other lip product. I am kind of addicted, I have to admit... What about you? Do you have tried out any of those products?

Have a wonderful day

Catrice Lip Polish - Review

Hi there internet friends.

The past week has been much fun, but also very much biased towards lifestyle here on my blog. I thought a beauty related review might even that out a bit. I bought the Catrice Smoothing Lip Polish in 030 Strawberry´s Secret a while back and have tested it since then.

For a start, I like the packaging. It is black plastic, but  it doesn´t feel cheap at all. The color is displayed on the lid which is perfect as you don´t have to open the lip polish to see the color. The applicator is the usual doe foot applicator with a little hole that saves up the product. 

For me the appliance of lipsticks and lipglosses is the point where it can all go wrong. Luckily, this one doesn´t screw up. The doe foot applicator isn´t my favorite one, but it does the job. The creamy formula allows a quite even appliance, but it does tend to linger around the edges a lot. The little hole definitely helps a bit as I don´t have to get product out that often. You can definitely build the color up as you go. It becomes a bit more red-ish with every layer. 

During the day the shine you get at the start gets lost, but a matte version of the exact same color stays on your lips. It isn´t moving towards the creases at all. I think I like the matte version as well as the glossy version. This lip stain definitely passes the eating and drinking test if you can give up the glossy finish. I do have to say that the smell is kind of strange, but not in a bad way. I got used to it especially since it loses the scent over the day.

I think all in all the lip stain definitely fulfills the three advantages that were promised. It has the bright and pigmented color of a lipsick, it has the longevity of a stain and it has the shiny finish of a lipgloss (at least at start). I got quite a lot of positive comments for this lip stain and I will wear it a lot during this season.

Do you have tried out any lip stains yet?

Have a wonderful day

Themed Week #5 - Red Carpet

Hi there internet friends.

It has been a long tradition at my school to dress for a Red Carpet Event on the last day of themed week. I think it´s nice to really celebrate our last day at school like that. We can say goodbye looking our best.

We didn´t really do much today. First of all, we met in the auditorium. Our director said a few nice words and then we all got our last school reports (except the Abitur one, of course). Afterwards it took us long enough to get a good group photo of us all. The head of our grade dressed up again, but this time he missed the theme a bit. He was going as a graduate. Nonetheless, his efforts were great this week and this costume was kind of his own interpretation of this day.

In front of the main entrance we laid out a red carpet, fitting the theme. As me and my best friends are all girls and we were all dressed up we took quite a lot of photos there. I know that you will probably read this and I love you guys so much. I will miss seeing you five times a week! 

Then we could already go home and as I had quite a lot do to today I went quite early. As it is siblingday today my best friend and I also took pictures with our sisters.

I have not absolutely loved every day at this school, but all in all, it was a great time. The time helped me grow and get out of my comfort zone a bit more. But I am also happy to leave this all behind and look towards my future.

Have a wonderful day

Here are the links to the other days of my themed week: Hogwarts, High School MusicalOrient, Mario Kart

Themed Week #4 - Mario Kart

Hi there internet friends.

As  told you yesterday, I wasn´t very excited for this day. I even thought of not going at all. But then again I couldn´t miss all of it.

I couldn´t miss it especially since my best friend created this amazing t-shirts for us. We decided to not go as a character, but a gamer. As far as I´ve seen it, we were the only once. 10 Points to us for individuality. (oops, wrong theme)

We had lots of Marios, Luigis and Peaches running around and I was honestly a bit disappointed. I expected a bit more creativity. On the other hand, there were some really great costumes. The head of our grade dressed up again, how could it have been different. He did drive a few rounds on the motorcycles (no matter how big they were) the boys brought with them. 

A teacher (!!!) helped us organize a few races on the schoolyard. It was so much fun even though I didn´t participate. Well, that´s the downside of not going as a character with a Bobby-Car.

Eventually, we ended up storming into other classes and having a little party there in our free period. A few of the boys dressed us monkeys even had the guts to delouse one of the teachers.

Well, the only reason I am going to school tomorrow is getting my school report. And of course, saying goodbye to all the classes as it is our last day of school ever (or hopefully). I am looking forward to that.

Have a wonderful day

Themed Week #3 - Orient

Hi there internet friends.

I´ve had a pretty exciting school day today. Today´s theme was Orient and I didn´t expect it to be that much fun.

I did fall in love with my costume from the start. Me and my best friend borrowed it from the costume department at our local amateur stage. I´ve seen them on others for our Aladdin performance back in 2010 and I always wanted to wear one of them. Now I got the chance and I just love it even more now. It´s gorgeous.

As the theme suggested we had a little dance party outside when the sun came out. I discovered, that the skirt of my costume was beautifully flying when I was spinning. 

Sadly, the theme didn´t leave much space for creativity this time. But it was all so colorful and pretty. The head of my grade did take the biscuit though. He certainly gains some brownie points for hilarious costumes and for just going with all of this. 

During the fifth lesson we got kind of bored so we started to run into random classrooms, have a little party there and then go off again. You can´t imagine how much fun it was. We are now nearing the end of our time at the school and just being able to shout out the incredible atmosphere we are living in right now is amazing.

My legs hurt right now and I am just tired, but this week just keeps getting better and better. I kind of expect tomorrow to be not as exciting, but stay tuned for that. My opinion might always just change during the day.

Have a wonderful day