Walking on Sunshine

Hi there internet friends.

When the sun decided to shine all weekend and keep us all nice and warm, I couldn´t sit at home all day. So I grabbed my camera, my leather jacket and my music and just started walking. In the end, I walked over an hour and I really enjoyed it.

I am not really a person likely to take slow walks. I like everything to be in a healthy rush and to get from A to B in the shortest time possible. But after a short while I felt how my steps were getting slower. Instead of trying to go the greatest distance in the shortest time, I was really trying to enjoy the nature around me.

The lovely songs sung by birds were surrounding me and I loved it. Eventually, I put my own music away and just enjoyed the sounds of nature. I was quite suprised to find my head clearing while walking. I don´t think I really thought of anything during the walk. I was just enjoying all the things around me.

I was walking alone most of the time. Barely anyone was out and there were almost no cars on the streets. But I did meet those two lovely fellas. A little duck couple. They are kind of cute.

Of course the typical spring flowers have started to grow. They are still so small that I didn´t notice them in the every day rush, but when I took time I could only gaze at their beauty. There were butterflies flying around them, but sadly I didn´t catch them on a picture. Oh, but they were gorgeous.

It was so very lovely and I´d like to take an hour or so more often just for a walk. I now know what my parents are always talking about. Walks are not only for older people, I think they are a beautiful opportunity to clear the head and escape the rush of the daily life.

I´d like to know if you take walks regularly. Or are you more an active person like me?

Have a wonderful day

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