Spring Mini Haul

Hi there internet friends.

I have done a little shopping at H&M  yesterday. Initially I went into the city to buy one pair of shoes and one top. Well... that plan didn´t work out. I ended up buying way more things.

These are the shoes that I really wanted. I have already posted a picture of them on Twitter when I saw them a few days ago. I immediately fell in love with them and couldn´t get them out of my head, so I had to buy them. With the straps they are really comfortable and though they are not flat, I don´t feel like their too high. They will be great for summer. I can already see me wearing them all the time. Also the black goes with almost everything.

On my way to the counter I fell in love with the flower pattern on this pair of shoes. I had, had, had to get them too! Just as the black ones they are perfect for spring and summer. They just make me happy.

I shouldn´t have gone looking through the whole store. That was a definite mistake. I fell for this white, half transparent blouse. It is high-low and has cute little golden details. I just couldn´t resist. The blouse goes well with my new shoes and it really fits into the coming seasons.

How beautiful is this necklace? I needed a new statement necklace and this one in a dark and old looking gold is just gorgeous. This couldn´t stay there.

As I thought about losing my gold statement necklace, it came to mind that I could just need another short and simple silver necklace. This one just fits right into there. At second glance I fell in love with the pendant. Simple, sweet and beautiful.

I just went into dm (german aquivalent to Boots) to get my usual mascara as mine is empty. Also I bought a new dry shampoo by Balea (empty, too). And then I added a new lipstick to my little basket, but sadly I lost it immediately after buying it. Basically, I have now bought a new lipstick for someone else (damn it, life).

Though the loss of the lipstick still hurts, when I look at my new shoes I am overly happy with my saturday buys. 

Have you already done some spring shopping?

Have a wonderful day

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