Spring Decoration Haul

Hi there internet friends.

There is no better time to buy spring decorations than on sunny days. Some friends and I went shopping in an Outlet Center last week. I had hoped to find some amazing clothes but unfortunately, I did not. I did, however find something else that made me just as happy.

I finally bought some flasks to put my make up brushes and mascaras in. I couldn´t use an old mug forever but I never found the flasks that where just right. I wanted something not too high and not too big and if possible, three in different sizes. I was so lucky when I found these in Depot. They are simple but I like their style so much. Additionally, they are not too high and not too big. They fit everything really well and look so great together. I put some ribbons around the flasks to make them look even better. They now match my room perfectly and look gorgeous.

To be honest, I didn´t find three flasks. Instead I chose a scented candle in the same kind of flask to match the other two perfect ones. I decided to go with the scent Mango as it smelled so deliciously fruity and fresh and it also matches the color of my room.

Going up to the cash point I walked past this beautiful heart. It is a basic thick, dark filament in the shape of a heart. They did put willow catkin around this wire and it looks so nice. I fell in love and couldn´t leave it there. To be able to hang it up somewhere, I put a small ribbon around the side. I never get tired of looking at it.

Do you have your spring decorations out alredy?

Have a wonderful day

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