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Hi there internet friends.

I am a very active person and I can´t live without almost daily exercise (I take two days off for balance). I just love doing sports, but I think I love the feeling of having something done to keep fit even more. As that is a very different view on exercise than most teens have, I don´t have a lot of classes to choose from. Still I want to do something. So I surfed Youtube a lot to find workouts that I like and that I can do all by myself in my living room.

I know that not everyone can afford going to the gym and some maybe don´t like working out there. Others might not have the time to visit classes. Yet most of us really want to stay healthy and fit, especially now that summer is coming near. I thought I would share my four favorite online classes with you.

This one was the first I found last summer and I still love it and do it regularly. The instructor, Dan, has some great moves and great choreographies. It is 50 minutes long, so I mostly do this on weekends when I have a bit more time. I love the music and the moves and this gets me breathing harder and a bit sweating. It certainly is something for people with a rhythmic feeling and fun at dancing. You would need a bit of experience with dancing beforehand to get into this.

This one has similar music to the first one. It also concentrates on the dancing aspect of latin music. But this one is only 20 minutes long. I do this whenever I am in the mood for a bit more dance-y routine. The moves are simple and can be done by anyone. There are like three moves for each song that are repeated all the way through. The instructor, Rach, is extremely motivating even when you know her sayings. She has so much fun doing this, it´s inspiring.

Again we have a workout by Rach that is a bit more dance-y. But the moves are completely different from the Latin one. Also we have a different kind of music that I love, too. Again Rach is really motivating and all the moves are really simple. I sweat a lot after this workout which I rarely do with this kind of home exercises. There are some fun moves in there which make the 20 minutes go by like nothing.

This one is also by Rach (Surprise!) and Dan (other Dan than in the first video). This time it is a combination of Marshall Arts with music called BodyCombat. I love this one so, so much. The moves are simple, but they really work my body and I sweat a lot. Especially after the power block. Dan also makes a great instructor and the guys in the back are having a lot of fun, too. I think this one is something for everyone who wants to shape his body in a fun way. The 20 minutes are very well spent on this video.

I do all of those workouts regularly and I still love them after weeks. I think they get even better when you get to know all the moves and can really concentrate on the music. I have so much fun doing all of those that I forget the time completely. In the end, I always add a little stretch just because I like it.

Do you do exercise regularly? And where do you do it, at home alone or in a class?

Have a wonderful day

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