Juice Cleansing - My Experience

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Has spring already sprung for you? Spring is always the time in the year where everyone gets insanely obsessed with diets and exercises. Why? It´s easy, summer is coming fast now and we all need to get in shape after Christmas dinner. Juice Cleansing is one of those diets.

After Tanya Burr had written a blogpost about how much she loves Juice Cleansing, I knew I had to try it out. It sounded good to me as I am a fruit- and vegetable-lover. It´s not really about losing any weight or getting in shape. I just want to live healthy. So why not get rid of all the bad things in my system? Easier said than done.

First of all, I don´t have enough money to spend it on juices. That´s why I decided to make all of them myself. I did a little research, found some recipes and went grocery shopping. So far, so good. I was really looking forward to start all of this, it didn´t even seem so hard. Oh, how wrong I was!

The hard part was not seeing everyone around me eat solid food while I was sitting there with my juice. Hardest of all was drinking those damn juices. I really love fruit, but I don´t like it in form of a juice/smoothie, at least not when it´s prepared by myself (and sugarless). I tried three juices and didn´t love any of those enoguh to drink them for three days. At the end of day one I switched to just eating raw fruit and vegetables (has the same effect).

I got through most of the weekend without feeling bad with my decision. It got a bit harder to see other people eat delicious meals, but I stayed strong. However, half through day three I gave into my want for sweets. A few things went wrong that day and I just couldn´t stand it anymore. I ended up eating everything I could and basically ruining the whole thing. Good job, Lisa. 

I discovered that this is definitely not the right way for me. I can´t restrain from eating anything without craving it in the end. The best way for me is to eat less of what I eat. By shrinking my potions I still get to eat everything I want, but I do live healthy at the same time.

Are you currently trying out a diet? Have you tried Juice Cleansing yet?

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