Have You Seen This? #2

Hi there internet friends.

It´s been quite a while since I did my first Have You Seen This? post, click here to read it. I thought it was time to do another one since I discovered some great videos.

Spring and therefore Easter are so very close, it´s time to get out the bunny videos. This totally cute little guy falls asleep whenever lying on his back. It´s so fluffy (yes, I´m going to die) and just really adorable. I know that playing dead is a defence mechanism, but the bunny seems alright. This just puts a smile on my face everytime I watch it.

This is a cover of `I See Fire´ by Michael Schulte. Yes, he is german and I think I saw him on The Voice Of Germany. He is incredibly talented and this acoustic version gives me shivers everytime I watch it. The song is amazing by itself, but just with three male voices and a guitar, wow! They added their own thing to the song which is really nice. If you like this, also watch the acoustic version of his original song `Rock anc Scissors´ here.

Oh, my god. I usually try to not let my obsessions take over on my blog (except for my obsession with make up), but I had to show you this video. It´s a contemporary dance dou to `Fix You´ by Coldplay. And holy sh.. it´s amazing! These two accurately tell the same story as the song in their moves. It is not only dancing, they also act a bit. They are amazingly fluent and creative with their moves, they perfectly fit the music and are in perfect sync. I think they owe me half an hour of my life because I was just sitting here and crying for that time.

Of course we also have to talk about Tyler Oakley and his mom, Queen Jackie, watching a video of Tyler´s birth. Most of it is blurred out, but their reactions are just priceless. It makes me love Momma Tyler even more. She is so adorable. And Tyler is fabulous as always. Just go ahead and watch it. But do stay away from food while you watch (luckily most of the birth is blurred out, but still...).

What videos do you think no one should missing seeing right now?

Have a wonderful day

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