Ebelin Make Up Egg Review

Hi there internet friends.

Let me introduce you to my new best friend. He is unusally small and has curves like a good egg. He blushes so often that his skin always looks pink. Ebelin calls him the Make Up Egg, but I gave him the name Eggbert.

(his side, his big ass and his small head)

I am one of those people who refused to give in to the Beauty Blender hype. I just never thought I needed a thing like this as I can use my fingers or a normal brush to apply make up. I never knew how wrong I was. I got my hands on this Beauty Blender dupe by Ebelin a month ago. It was under 3€. Bargain! I have used this every day since and I am in love.

This little guy makes applying make up and blending in concealer so much easier and faster. It also looks so much more natural afterwards. Additionally, my make up lasts way longer after applying it with Eggbert. He has a small tip that is just perfect for the under eye area and the area around my nose. His big side is perfect for every other area in my face.

When held under water shortly before applying the make up he gets a little bit bigger and way softer. Also then the make up gets this amazing natural finish without losing any of its covering power. How does Eggbert does that? Oh, and he is suprisingly easy to clean. I am in awe.

Sadly, he is a sponge after all. That means that he not only soaks up water but also quite a lot of the make up. I need to use way more foundation and concealer to cover my face. On the other hand, this is exactly what makes the finish so wonderfully natural and I am willing to put in a bit more foundation and concealer for a finish like this. 

After only four weeks in use he, unfortunately, already has two marks left behind by my fingernails. That doesn´t show amazing quality, but what can you expect at that price? And Eggbert still works even if he has a few flaws. (I could buy a new one sometime, it´s really not that expensive)

If this is just a dupe, I can only imagine what the Beauty Blender is like. Maybe I do need one of those. Maybe I am the last person in the world to understand that. Do you own a Beauty Blender or a dupe? Are you as amazed by it as I am?

Have a wonderful day


  1. I've tried quite a few beauty blender dupes and I've loved them all. I still feel like the original one is too expensive for a sponge...

  2. I am desperate to get one of these, another great post x


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