Catrice Prime And Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof - Review

Hi there internet friends.

When I heard about Catrice releasing a new powder that is supposed to be waterproof, I instantly knew I had to get this. I picked this up last month and I can´t think about life without this anymore. I was pretty lucky to get the last one in stock and even more lucky that it was in the shade 010 Translucent. Exactly what I wanted!

I like the simple and elegant design of the packaging. It is plastic, but doesn´t look cheap and it is small enough to find a place in any purse no matter how small. Sadly, it also gets dirty really easily. The big mirror helps a lot as you don´t need to search for a big one. I would, however, like some kind of applicator or place for a brush nice to take with me. 

Though the shade is called Translucent it has a really light coloring which helps to cover a bit more of my face. Still the powder is not visible and even though I like to apply a lot of powder it doesn´t look cakey. It makes my teint look totally even and fits perfectly for my skin. The mattyfying finish is a dream I almost gave up dreaming. My oily t-zone isn´t shining one bit. Additionally, this powder lasts longer than any other powder I own. I can go a whole school day without re-applying it and I still don´t look oily.

If all of this wouldn´t be perfect enough this powder is also waterproof. Well, not the `I get out of the pool and my make up is still on´ kind of waterproof. But the formula of the powder lets any light liquids drip off immediatly. That way it is protected from humidity and even the daily oil on my face. Also, letting waterdrops lay on your powder is always a very neat trick. 

I found my new powder love and I will definitely rebuy this product a thousand times. 

Do you have a powder that you absolutely love?

Have a wonderful day

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  1. Hi Lisa :)

    Love your post! I needed a new powder to try and will definitely be trying this one soon. Thank you so much for making my decision much more easier :)


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