A New Love Is Like A New Life

Hi there internet friends.

No, I am not going to ramble about my love life right now (not that it would be interesting anyway). But I do have found true love: my new camera arrived.

You might have noticed the change in my picture quality. Well, you´d have to thank my Nikon D5200 for that. I got this on Sunday and I am in awe. This camera is amazing. It has 24 megapixels and I bought the 18-105 mm VR lens with it. It feels really comfortable in my hands and the flexible monitor make it really easy. If you want to know more about the exact details, click here

new camera

old camera

*photos are not edited

I didn´t buy it only for blogging. I love taking pictures, but it was not much fun anymore with my old camera. Blogging is, of course, one aspect of my buy, but I have been thinking a lot about that before I even started. Maybe blogging just gave me the last kick for my decision.

The camera was quite an investment for me as a student, but I can tell you it was worth it. Of course, I´ll have to learn more about using all the aspects of the camera. With time and practice comes knowledge. I have no more words to describe my love for this camera.

What camera do you use? Do you think a DSLR is necessary for blogging?

Have a wonderful day

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