A Little Trip To Cologne

Hi there internet friends.

As I mentioned in last Friday´s post, click here to read that, I have spent the last weekend in Cologne. I was meeting some of my best friends there.

We´ve had a somewhat troubled roadtrip until we got to our hotel. We were stuck in traffic jams several times and then got lost in Cologne. By the time we arrived the sun was long gone and we didn´t take any pictures. I just took a photo of our delicious dinner in a steakhouse called Maredo.

The evening was spent in our room staring at laptop screens, phones and playing card games. We could barely hold our laughs in even when the night silence had begun. There might or might not have been a security guy at our door.

However, we got kind of snap-happy on the next day. Especially around breakfast time which we spent in the nearest Starbucks. Though the weather wasn´t great, we could barely walk three steps without stopping to take pictures. Of course we went to see the dome and famous bridge with all the locks.

We laughed a lot that whole day and our stomachs hurt at the end of the day. As we snacked our way through the day with delicious cupcakes, chips and several types of sweets we didn´t get dinner. 

We did get home savely the next day after having had breakfast at Starbucks just like the day before. We are all in love with their Vanilla Latte.

When was the last weekend you went on a trip? Where did you go and who did you take with you?

Have a wonderful day


  1. Cologne looks so beautiful. I recently passed through Germany and I thought it was beautiful. You looked like you had lots of fun. I love your jeans!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, I had so much fun answering the fun question and I thought you would too! Check out the questions for you on my blog! xx

  2. The big sightseeings are definitely beautiful, the rest of the city seemed kind of grey. But that could´ve also been the weather.
    Thank you, I love those jeans too. I had almost forgotten about them during winter.
    Thank you for the nomation as well. I did saw your post and the nomination before I read your comment (ups), and I did squeal for a second with excitement.
    xx Lisa


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