A Day At The Lake

Hi there internet friends.

I don´t like to sit around having the sun shine through my window all weekend long. That´s the reason I grabbed two of my best friends and took them with me to Aasee (a pretty big lake in the middle of the city) in Munster. There´s no real beach there as the lake is surrounded by grass and trees, but it is a beautiful place to spent a sunny day with friends.

*okay, we saw these on our way to the lake...

*I don´t think we had enough food for three people

*This guy owned the robot dance!

My first way after meeting the others at the trainstation led me to a drugstore. I had forgotten my headphones at home and I was sure I wouldn´t survive the way back home without headphones (I barely made it there!). Yep, try buying headphones on a regular sunday, not as easy as we thought, but I ended up buying a really cheap pair. 

Then we went to the next Starbucks as this is our little tradition. On our way we saw some beautiful flowers and had to take some pictures. Our Frappucinos, Orange Juices and Refreshas were gone pretty fast so I couldn´t take any pictures of them. We couldn´t stop laughing and were probably annoying every other costumer there. 

Still laughing we made our way to Aasee. We relaxed there for a bit, ate a lot and had so much fun. Unfortunately, it wasn´t much fun for everyone around us as we were quite loud and giggly. But we don´t care about others, do we? Just dipping my foot in the water sent chills up my spine. Though the sun was shining non-stop the water was cold as ice (a clear sign that summer isn´t here yet). We ended up taking a lot more pictures than we intended to do, but it was great!

After a few hours we thought the sun wasn´t burning that much anymore, it was rather hiding behind some clouds. We borrowed a paddleboat for a good half an hour and explored the lake a bit. Luckily, nobody did get wet or landed in the lake. Though the paddling was not as easy as we thought we laughed the whole time. The views were beautiful!

As we wouldn´t make our train home that hour we decided to have a glance at the local fair that was just a few hundred metres away. We didn´t see much though as we wanted to make the next train (which we didn´t make, surprise!).

After an hour long wait and a trainjourny home (with new, but cheap headphones) I was home and exhausted. But I had a blast that day and wish I could live it over and over again. Those memories are saved in 360 pictures (talk about snap-happy) and I can´t stop smiling when looking at them.

Have a wonderful day

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