100th Blogpost: My Blogging Story

Hi there internet friends.

This is my 100th blogpost. What a milestone, huh? I thought this would be a great moment to share my blogging story with you.

I started blogging back in September 2013, which now is more than half a year. I can´t believe it´s been just a bit over 7 months! So much has happened since then.

I used my Ipad camera mostly back then and wrote every second day about whatever came to my mind. Initially, I started blogging because I love writing ever since I was in 5th grade and I love make up. What better way to combine these two? Also I just wanted to brag about whatever was on my mind, especially, since none of my friends are that much into beauty.

I watched a lot of Youtube videos and thought of starting a channel first, but it was when I discovered blogs in the summer of 2013 that I decided to start a blog instead. I am not really comfortable being myself in front of a camera, so writing seemed much more fitting. 

In my first blog post ever, which you can read here, I mentioned that I just wanted to have one person who I inspired. I doubted to ever find that one person for the first few months. Just when I thought about giving up I found out about blogger chats and since then so much has changed for me.

Instead of mainly writing for myself and having like one person reading my posts, I now have gained a few follower over on bloglovin and on Twitter. This community is so extremely nice, I could spend everyday participating in blogger chats.

I think most of my older posts are pretty embarassing, but I have been getting better over time. Maybe just writing for myself and that one anonymous reader was good for my writing. I am also embarassed by not getting involved in this community earlier, but the main point is that I actually did. I love it and all of you guys!

Have a wonderful day

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