A Day At The Lake

Hi there internet friends.

I don´t like to sit around having the sun shine through my window all weekend long. That´s the reason I grabbed two of my best friends and took them with me to Aasee (a pretty big lake in the middle of the city) in Munster. There´s no real beach there as the lake is surrounded by grass and trees, but it is a beautiful place to spent a sunny day with friends.

*okay, we saw these on our way to the lake...

*I don´t think we had enough food for three people

*This guy owned the robot dance!

My first way after meeting the others at the trainstation led me to a drugstore. I had forgotten my headphones at home and I was sure I wouldn´t survive the way back home without headphones (I barely made it there!). Yep, try buying headphones on a regular sunday, not as easy as we thought, but I ended up buying a really cheap pair. 

Then we went to the next Starbucks as this is our little tradition. On our way we saw some beautiful flowers and had to take some pictures. Our Frappucinos, Orange Juices and Refreshas were gone pretty fast so I couldn´t take any pictures of them. We couldn´t stop laughing and were probably annoying every other costumer there. 

Still laughing we made our way to Aasee. We relaxed there for a bit, ate a lot and had so much fun. Unfortunately, it wasn´t much fun for everyone around us as we were quite loud and giggly. But we don´t care about others, do we? Just dipping my foot in the water sent chills up my spine. Though the sun was shining non-stop the water was cold as ice (a clear sign that summer isn´t here yet). We ended up taking a lot more pictures than we intended to do, but it was great!

After a few hours we thought the sun wasn´t burning that much anymore, it was rather hiding behind some clouds. We borrowed a paddleboat for a good half an hour and explored the lake a bit. Luckily, nobody did get wet or landed in the lake. Though the paddling was not as easy as we thought we laughed the whole time. The views were beautiful!

As we wouldn´t make our train home that hour we decided to have a glance at the local fair that was just a few hundred metres away. We didn´t see much though as we wanted to make the next train (which we didn´t make, surprise!).

After an hour long wait and a trainjourny home (with new, but cheap headphones) I was home and exhausted. But I had a blast that day and wish I could live it over and over again. Those memories are saved in 360 pictures (talk about snap-happy) and I can´t stop smiling when looking at them.

Have a wonderful day

Spring Mini Haul

Hi there internet friends.

I have done a little shopping at H&M  yesterday. Initially I went into the city to buy one pair of shoes and one top. Well... that plan didn´t work out. I ended up buying way more things.

These are the shoes that I really wanted. I have already posted a picture of them on Twitter when I saw them a few days ago. I immediately fell in love with them and couldn´t get them out of my head, so I had to buy them. With the straps they are really comfortable and though they are not flat, I don´t feel like their too high. They will be great for summer. I can already see me wearing them all the time. Also the black goes with almost everything.

On my way to the counter I fell in love with the flower pattern on this pair of shoes. I had, had, had to get them too! Just as the black ones they are perfect for spring and summer. They just make me happy.

I shouldn´t have gone looking through the whole store. That was a definite mistake. I fell for this white, half transparent blouse. It is high-low and has cute little golden details. I just couldn´t resist. The blouse goes well with my new shoes and it really fits into the coming seasons.

How beautiful is this necklace? I needed a new statement necklace and this one in a dark and old looking gold is just gorgeous. This couldn´t stay there.

As I thought about losing my gold statement necklace, it came to mind that I could just need another short and simple silver necklace. This one just fits right into there. At second glance I fell in love with the pendant. Simple, sweet and beautiful.

I just went into dm (german aquivalent to Boots) to get my usual mascara as mine is empty. Also I bought a new dry shampoo by Balea (empty, too). And then I added a new lipstick to my little basket, but sadly I lost it immediately after buying it. Basically, I have now bought a new lipstick for someone else (damn it, life).

Though the loss of the lipstick still hurts, when I look at my new shoes I am overly happy with my saturday buys. 

Have you already done some spring shopping?

Have a wonderful day

Have You Seen This? #2

Hi there internet friends.

It´s been quite a while since I did my first Have You Seen This? post, click here to read it. I thought it was time to do another one since I discovered some great videos.

Spring and therefore Easter are so very close, it´s time to get out the bunny videos. This totally cute little guy falls asleep whenever lying on his back. It´s so fluffy (yes, I´m going to die) and just really adorable. I know that playing dead is a defence mechanism, but the bunny seems alright. This just puts a smile on my face everytime I watch it.

This is a cover of `I See Fire´ by Michael Schulte. Yes, he is german and I think I saw him on The Voice Of Germany. He is incredibly talented and this acoustic version gives me shivers everytime I watch it. The song is amazing by itself, but just with three male voices and a guitar, wow! They added their own thing to the song which is really nice. If you like this, also watch the acoustic version of his original song `Rock anc Scissors´ here.

Oh, my god. I usually try to not let my obsessions take over on my blog (except for my obsession with make up), but I had to show you this video. It´s a contemporary dance dou to `Fix You´ by Coldplay. And holy sh.. it´s amazing! These two accurately tell the same story as the song in their moves. It is not only dancing, they also act a bit. They are amazingly fluent and creative with their moves, they perfectly fit the music and are in perfect sync. I think they owe me half an hour of my life because I was just sitting here and crying for that time.

Of course we also have to talk about Tyler Oakley and his mom, Queen Jackie, watching a video of Tyler´s birth. Most of it is blurred out, but their reactions are just priceless. It makes me love Momma Tyler even more. She is so adorable. And Tyler is fabulous as always. Just go ahead and watch it. But do stay away from food while you watch (luckily most of the birth is blurred out, but still...).

What videos do you think no one should missing seeing right now?

Have a wonderful day

Juice Cleansing - My Experience

Hi there internet friends.

Has spring already sprung for you? Spring is always the time in the year where everyone gets insanely obsessed with diets and exercises. Why? It´s easy, summer is coming fast now and we all need to get in shape after Christmas dinner. Juice Cleansing is one of those diets.

After Tanya Burr had written a blogpost about how much she loves Juice Cleansing, I knew I had to try it out. It sounded good to me as I am a fruit- and vegetable-lover. It´s not really about losing any weight or getting in shape. I just want to live healthy. So why not get rid of all the bad things in my system? Easier said than done.

First of all, I don´t have enough money to spend it on juices. That´s why I decided to make all of them myself. I did a little research, found some recipes and went grocery shopping. So far, so good. I was really looking forward to start all of this, it didn´t even seem so hard. Oh, how wrong I was!

The hard part was not seeing everyone around me eat solid food while I was sitting there with my juice. Hardest of all was drinking those damn juices. I really love fruit, but I don´t like it in form of a juice/smoothie, at least not when it´s prepared by myself (and sugarless). I tried three juices and didn´t love any of those enoguh to drink them for three days. At the end of day one I switched to just eating raw fruit and vegetables (has the same effect).

I got through most of the weekend without feeling bad with my decision. It got a bit harder to see other people eat delicious meals, but I stayed strong. However, half through day three I gave into my want for sweets. A few things went wrong that day and I just couldn´t stand it anymore. I ended up eating everything I could and basically ruining the whole thing. Good job, Lisa. 

I discovered that this is definitely not the right way for me. I can´t restrain from eating anything without craving it in the end. The best way for me is to eat less of what I eat. By shrinking my potions I still get to eat everything I want, but I do live healthy at the same time.

Are you currently trying out a diet? Have you tried Juice Cleansing yet?

Have a wonderful day

My Face Monday #20

Hi there internet friends.

I wish you all a very happy Monday. Though I am very busy today and desperately want to buy a thousand things but can't, I still like this day. This is the last My Face Monday I will do. I think I have shown you guys almost every make up I wear regularly. But I am not too sad about this decision. Though I did like My Face Monday I think it got kind of boring by now. 

If you have been sitting there with your eyebrows raised in question, here's a short explanation of what My Face Monday is all about.

I will show you guys my face of the day every monday. Mostly it will be basic make ups which I wear to school. It is a great way for me to maybe try out new things for school and you can get ideas for your make ups for work/school/etc.

Products I used:
Face -> Kiko Medium Foundation, P2 Stay Matte Foundation in 010, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15, Maybelline Fit Me Powder in
Cheeks -> Catrice Multicolour Blush in 070 Iced Caramel Macchiato
Eyes ->Maybelline New York Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, Catrice Loquid Liner Black, Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline Jade Rocket Volum´ Express Mascara Waterproof, Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara Curl & Volume
Lips -> clear lipgloss

For the last one I did do something special: black eyeliner. Normally I don't go for this look very often. I am not really good with applying eyeliner (definitely a thing I still need to work on), especially not with applying it evenly. You might have guessed by now that I failed to do the wing at the end as well, and you're very much right. I do still like this make up though. Therefore I will definitely practice it!

For the next Monday series (I do like having a series!) I am thinking of something along the lines of Georgina's My Week In Food And Fitness. Let me know if you'd like that.

Have a wonderful day

Liebster Award Nomination

Hi there internet friends.

I had no idea what I should write today´s post about, but luckily, the lovely Kudzai from  BeautyLuxe nominated me for the Liebster Award. I feel so honored and I am also so very excited.

For those of you who haven´t heard about the Liebster Award yet. It´s basically an award that bloggers give to other bloggers. It was invented to help new bloggers create a readership. The rules are very simple:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Copy the Liebster Award into your post and answer the 11 questions.
3. Nominate 11 other blogger under 200 follower and create 11 questions for them.
4. Notify the bloggers you nominated.

These are the questions that Kudzai came up with ( I really love them!)

1. What is your favourite animal?
It is a cliché, but I do love almost every animal that exists. I never had a pet as my mom is allergic to their hairs, so I get really excited when I see any animal. Here are a few ones that I don´t like: snakes, spiders, crocodiles, wales, sharks, woodlouses, bees, wasps. I never mind seeing them, I just don´t get excited.

2. What is your all time favourite mascara?
The Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara, for sure. I love it. It holds a curl so nicely and it never smudges! I do always have an additional coat of another mascara for more volume and length though.

3. When is your birthday?
In exactly a month minus one day. I was born on the 22nd of April 1996.

4. What inspired your Blog?
Everything that is around me and my life in general. I love writing/talking about things that are currently going on and that I am really thinking about. As my friends and family got annoyed with the amount of speech I had during the day and were not interested in make up as much as I am, I searched for another way to get my thoughts out.

5. Which camera or phone do you use for your blog pictures?
Since last week my new Nikon D5200 which I absolutely adore. Before that I was using either my iPad or an old Medion camera.

6. Favourite foundation?
Haven´t found it yet. I always use one foundation for a while and get another one when it is empty. 

7. Dream holiday destination?
A trip to America, on which I see Boston, New York, LA and more and that ends with a week or more in Hawaii.

8. Where do you see yourself in a year from now?
In Berlin studying psychology, if everything works out. Living with two of my best friends while still writing my blog and having made a lot of close friends in this lovely community.

9. Who is your Idol?
I don´t have one. I think it´s important to be yourself and not try to copy another person. From Educational Theory class I know that everyone has idols in their teens as it´s important to find your own personality, and that´s okay. But after a while you don´t need your idol anymore and that´s the stage I am currently in. I do adore a lot of people. 

10. Do you watch Youtube? If so who is your number one favourite Youtuber? 
I couldn´t name one. I love so many Youtubers and I never miss any video of either of them. As I mostly watch the ones everyone knows, I can´t show you some hidden Youtube talent.

11. Who is your celebrity crush?
Stana Katic. With her, I just can´t. She is sweet and adorable and friendly and the most perfect human being on earth. She is beautiful on the inside and the outside  and she is incredibly talented. Check her out, if you want to, you won´t regret it (or you´ll do as she is perfect).

Now onto the harder part: my nominations. It was hard to find 11 blogger who didn´t already get the Liebster Award and had less than 200 follower. A little research showed that the amount of followers the nominees have varies from 200 to 3000, so I extended my range to roughly 500 followers.

5. Jessica from Gingerly Pale
(also nominated by Kudzai, but she deserves it!)

Here are my 11 questions for you:
1. What is the one character trait that you love most about yourself?
2. When and why did you start blogging?
3. How long do you want to keep on blogging?
4. What are your spring must-haves (beauty)?
5. What do you think of the new spring trends (fashion)?
6. Are you a bath or a shower person?
7. What is your favorite place on earth?
8. What is your favorite day of the week?
9. Name your three top films for a girls night in.
10. Do you have a social project that you adore/take part in?
11. Do you want to build a snowman? 

I would love to read all your answers, so make sure you leave a coment with a link to your post! Oh, and if you don´t get the last question, you have missed out on one of the greatest films ever (psst, google "Frozen").

Have a wonderful day

A Little Trip To Cologne

Hi there internet friends.

As I mentioned in last Friday´s post, click here to read that, I have spent the last weekend in Cologne. I was meeting some of my best friends there.

We´ve had a somewhat troubled roadtrip until we got to our hotel. We were stuck in traffic jams several times and then got lost in Cologne. By the time we arrived the sun was long gone and we didn´t take any pictures. I just took a photo of our delicious dinner in a steakhouse called Maredo.

The evening was spent in our room staring at laptop screens, phones and playing card games. We could barely hold our laughs in even when the night silence had begun. There might or might not have been a security guy at our door.

However, we got kind of snap-happy on the next day. Especially around breakfast time which we spent in the nearest Starbucks. Though the weather wasn´t great, we could barely walk three steps without stopping to take pictures. Of course we went to see the dome and famous bridge with all the locks.

We laughed a lot that whole day and our stomachs hurt at the end of the day. As we snacked our way through the day with delicious cupcakes, chips and several types of sweets we didn´t get dinner. 

We did get home savely the next day after having had breakfast at Starbucks just like the day before. We are all in love with their Vanilla Latte.

When was the last weekend you went on a trip? Where did you go and who did you take with you?

Have a wonderful day