Those Damn Casting Shows

Hi there internet friends.

I have been crazy all day searching for a topic for this blogpost. Just when I settled down on my couch with a handful of chips and wanted to start watching tv this idea hit me.

by lil´_wizz, used with licence
For third week now I am settled on my couch patiently waiting for Germany´s Next Topmodel to start. I am sure there´s a version of this castingshow wherever you are sitting in front of your computer screen. I seriously don´t understand myself here. I hate casting shows and I hate fights and too much artificial drama.

Yet I am sitting here. Is it the pressure of society putting me in this place? Is it my secret addiction to all that drama or do I just really like to fuss? I am clueless. Whenever I am asked why I watch it, I always say that I really like the photoshoots and the clothes the girls wear. Also I think I can get a bit out of hair and make up inspiration from this. 

I think I can honestly say that it feels relaxing to watch something so dull from time to time. I really love all my tv-shows, but sometimes they need a bit more thinking or they make me a sobbing ball of feels. To just fuss about dumb girls once a week eases my brain and my poor heart.

Do you watch any casting shows? And why or why not?

Have a wonderful day

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