The Make Up Remover Battle: Nivea vs. Maybelline

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My blog has been a bit more lifestyle recently. Fortunately, I just almost finished my Maybelline make up remover. I wanted to compare it to my Nivea one for ages now, but I couldn´t before I really did a long term test.

(Make up before)

In the left corner we have the Nivea Daily Essentials Eye Makeup Remover. It´s contender is the Maybelline Jade Eye Makeup Remover. The last one seems to only be available in Germany, but sure is very similar to the Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye & Lips.

Both brands offer 125ml of chemical wonder for 3,45€. On both bottles it says that the product is oil-based and that it can even take off waterproof make up. Additionally, both are ophthalmologistically tested. Nivea even promises that the product can be used with very sensitive eyes.

I have taken pictures after one swipe of normal eye make up and also did a special test with eyeliner on my hand.

The Nivea one is really great when it comes to removing normal make up though it didn´t get all of the eyeshadow off in one swipe. It didn´t get all the glitter off, either. But it removed my mascara (one coat of waterproof topped off with a coat of non-waterproof) very well. My skin did feel quite oily after using this. Though this product was made for sensitive eyes it burned slightly while using it. The worst thing about this is that both phases aren´t used off equally as you can see in the picture.

The Maybelline one didn´t take my mascara off as well as the Nivea one did. But it did remove the darker eyeshadow better. It also left a lot of glitter around my eyes and it did feel quite oily afterwards. But my eyes didn´t burn when using it. Also you can see in the picture that both phases are used off pretty equally. Though this one doesn´t seem to take off my make up as well, I feel like my eyes are cleaner after using this one.

All in all, I do prefer the Maybelline Jade Eye Makeup Remover. It might not be perfect and it sure doesn´t get all my make up off in one wipe, but it feels better on my skin. Also it doesn´t make my eyes burn and I can get more out of the bottle as both phases are used equally. I would always use a cleanser after using a oil-based make up remover.

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