That One Secret Weapon

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I should really be writing about something beauty related right now. But what have I to tell you about? I would LOVE to write a review about Tanya Burr´s lipstick and nailpolish collection, but a trip to London and a new camera are on my wishlist first. I do have two more beauty related reviews planned in the near future.
by Walter-Wilhelm, used with licence
Today we shall be focusing on a secret weapon for our skin. Frankly, this weapon isn´t that secret at all. Wherever we look it is right in front of our noses. Our mothers and grandmothers tell us about it. Even doctors are recommending it. Don´t even go and ask the famous women. They knew it before us all.

Have you guessed it until now? The secret weapon is water.  It´s not only that thing that you can swim in and that covers most of our beautiful planet. Your body also consists to 80 per cent of water.

Why does water help our skin? That´s an easy one. Water hydrates our skin and washes out chemicals. If you don´t drink enough water your pores don´t get washed out that often and blocked pores are easily turning into pimples. It is almost like this saying with the apple and the doctor. "Two litres a day keep the pimples away."

Since I have started drinking two litres of water per day I do not only feel better and healthier I can also see that I get less and less pimples. It´s amazing what such a pure and cheap weapon can do. Try it out, you will not regret it.

What you might regret is having to run to the bathroom a lot more. But you can just adjust your routine a bit to that. That´s a small price to pay for perfect and smooth skin.

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