Shine Bright

Hi there internet friends.

I don´t know how the weather is looking where ever you are right now, but the sun finally decided to break through here. On my way back home from work I just couldn´t drive through this cute little park and not take any pictures. Lucky me, that I had my phone with me.

I just love the sun! Though it is still quite cold outside, I now have the feeling that spring is slowly approaching. Not only I got super excited for spring today. I even saw a few people with sunglasses on. All I am missing is someone in hotpants.

You are probably sitting somewhere and laughing at me because I made a whole blog post about seeing the sun. I am a person that really cares about the weather. I am not joking when I am saying that the weather can change my mood. Please tell me I am not alone with this.

Have a wonderful day

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