Nutella Cookies

Hi there internet friends.

How are you all doing today? Just remember that tomorrow the weekend is starting. And what is the best thing to do on weekends? Yup, chilling and baking. I was in a baking mood last saturday and made this delicisous Nutella cookies. I thought it would be unfair not to share them with you.

These are probably the second best cookies I can make myself. The best ones would definitely be my sister´s chocolate chip cookies. They are freaking awesome. Maybe I´ll show you their recipe one day.

You need:

200g Nutella
125 g Flour
50 ml Milk
30g Cacao Powder
20g Sugar
2 Eggs

First of all, preheat your oven to 175 °C and convection if you want to bake two trays in one go. For the dough you take the Nutella and the flour and try to mix it all together with a spoon. My tip is to sit down in front of your tv and to be patient. Maybe you also want to put the Nutella right in the sun for half an hour before starting this recipe. I took mine right from the cellar and it was no fun. 

If you think that both ingredients are well mixed, add both eggs and mix again. The dough should be looking quite normal now. Put in the milk, the sugar and the cacao powder and mix it all up again. For all the mixing I used a normal tablespoon, but you can also use an electric mixer after the Nutella and the flour are mixed together.

Put baking paper on a baking tray and just pour the dough in your wanted size on it. How much cookies you will get out of this really depends on how big your cookies are. Plan in around 5 minutes for baking them. Always check with this needle trick if the cookies are done. Mine took around 8 minutes before they were ready.

For a change I also added a bit of a mashed banana to some of the dough and a bit of honey to another bit of the dough. Both ways also came out great, but I think I actually like the normal cookies more than my two experiments.

All in all, this is a really easy recipe that you can easily make while watching tv. It is also really fast and in no time you have a great and really delicious snack for watching tv or reading blog posts.
Have a wonderful day

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