January Favorites

Hi there internet friends.

Everyone in the blogging/vlogging world is now giving a list of favorite products in January. I thought I´d hop on on this train before it´s the midth of February and too late. 
I usually am a basic kind of girl and I really stick to my usual make up range. But I haven´t written a Favorites blogpost for a while now and I did discover a few new products this month. 

Let´s start off with this perfume. My sister gave me this "Spirit of Charming Nights" as a present for christmas. I wore this very often in January because it´s a really fresh and subtle scent. It´s not too dark for everyday wear. I have to say that it does smell a bit like a men´s perfume in the bottle. But this gets better on my skin at least. And sometimes I really like the manly scent. It makes me smell more mysterious. (Maybe I have a lover, maybe I don´t)

This Raspberry Shower Gel by The Body Shop I bought back in November or even before that. It was only 4 € and I couldn´t go past it, but I have just put this in my shower at the beginning of the year (that´s why it looks that bad). It has a very sweet scent in general, but there´s also something really fruity hidden in there. This just gives me summer feelings and a positive attitude for the day. I love it.

If you have been following my My Face Monday´s you know that I have been using the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in 130 Buff Beige a lot recently. The powder gives a bit of color to my face, but it doesn´t look cakey at all. It also lasts longer than my usual powder and it really mattifies my skin. I do love the packaging of this and the little mirror inside. That´s just perfect for school though I like to apply this powder with a brush rather than with the pad that´s in the box.

If you knew about the powder you will also know about this new blush. It´s a Essence Happy Holidays LE Blush Stick in 01 Run, Run Rudolph! This is the first blush stick I own  and wow, it´s handy. I think applying this blush is easier in the morning than powder blushes because I can just blend it in with my fingers. I tend to use too much of powder blushes and this one I can kind of control better. It does look a lot more glittery as a stick than on my skin. I just love this.

The last thing on my list is a pair of socks. These are so  warm and comfortable I could literally die. I wear them almost every evening when I am changing into my PJs. They have little pads on the soles which is perfect because I usually like to slip a lot in warm socks. In these this is not possible. January was still a bit cold so it is perfectly okay to wear warm socks in the evening. They are from Primark, by the way.

As you can see I like to look a bit more forward to summer while also being in love with warm socks. Isn´t it perfect that summer isn´t too far away, but still far enough away for wearing warm socks being reasonable? Still, summer could come a bit faster.

In general I loved this month because it was full of new tasks and new achievements and new starts. That´s what I love so much about January.

Have a wonderful day

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