Homemade Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Hi there internet friends.

If you follow me on Twitter (@Following_Lisa) you have probably seen my picture of delicious cupcakes yesterday. Surprise, I made them all by myself. I am quite surprised that our kitchen is still standing. As much as I love baking and cooking I am very clumsy and I make a big mess. My mom didn´t kill me in the evening so I think everything was okay (?).

Anyway, I found this amazing looking recipe on Youtube, click here to watch it (it´s in German, I am sorry). I did change it up a bit, but let´s call that small improvisation out of laziness.

To make this delicious cupcakes you will need a dark dough and a cream filling. 

For the dark dough you need:

200g White flour
60g Cacao powder
220g Sugar
2 teaspoons Baking powder
1 pinch Salt
4 teaspoons Nutella
5 ml Vanilla syrup
120 ml Sunflower oil
240 ml Milk
2 Eggs

For the cream filling you need:

230g Cream cheese
75g Sugar
1 Egg

Important step: Turn on your oven and preheat it to 190° Celsius (top/bottom heat).

Start off with the dark dough. Mix together all dry ingredients, then make a little scrape in the middle. Add half of the milk, the oil and both of the eggs and mix everything together. When you have created a smooth first dough, add the other half of the milk, the Nutella and the vanilla syrup. Mix all of that together, too.
Now we go one to the cream filling. Put everything together and just mix it. This is seriously the easiest dough and filling ever.

Do never forget to put cupcake cases in the muffin tray before adding the dough (very important!). I did this ones and let´s just say it didn´t end well. Then you can put in one and a half tablespoon of the dark dough as a ground. Add a half or one tablespoon of the cream filling on top of it and top it off with another one and a half tablespoons of dark dough.

Carefully put the tray in the oven and wait approximately 15 minutes. Do the needle test to see if the dough is baked ready. 

I have to say that my cupcakes caved in after a few minutes out of the oven. I covered them with icing sugar to hide their ugly faces and that doesn´t affect the taste afterall. 

They are really delicious and I can´t get enough of them. If you have an hour off next week, try them out. You will not be sorry and you will have some delicious cupcakes for depressing moments.

Have a wonderful day

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