Have You Seen This?

Hi there internet friends.

It all turned out good. Maybe I am overreacting a bit whenever something does not go as planned...but hey, that´s who I am. As long as it all ends good, there is no problem.

While tumbling around Tumblr yesterday I found some pretty amazing videos. Why not share some of them? I thought. So here I am writing some introduction for amazing talents, hilarious videos or songs/videos that inspired and touched me.

I can´t even believe that this is real. This is perfection on ice. Goldmedal winnerin Yulia is only 15 years old. I don´t even know what do say. I can skate some rounds, but what she does? Nope, I can´t even dream of doing that. Also she achieved that by working really hard since she was 4 years old. So it´s kind of inspiring.

In terms of Sochi you also have to see this advert from Channel 4. On one side it´s totally hilarious (yes, I did fell off my chair), but on the other side, it also has a serious note. I think that´s a beautiful way to wish luck to the contestants and share an opinion about the recent discussions.

I am pretty sure that you have heard of Betty Who through Tyler Oakley (If you need a link here, where have you been for the last years?). If you haven´t, check her out! These two boys did a cover of her singe "You´re In Love". They are both really cute and the left one is a really good singer. I can´t get his voice out of my head!

If we are talking about things that have touched me, we can´t get around The Fault In Our Stars. The book is so beautiful and the trailer is, too. I can´t wait for June to finally come around.

That´s what I have been up to this week. Hopefully, you will find some of those videos as awesome as I do. Maybe this brightens up the time until the weekend. Or they make it worse (speaking of TFIOS here)...

Have a wonderful day

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