D.O.N.T. - A Mind Trick

Hi there internet friends.

I have promised myself to always be honest with you guys even with my bad behaviours. As I recall, I have been until now. I have told you about my nail biting and nibbling a few times before. It is still pretty bad and I am sick of it. I want it to stop.

For the last week I tried to catch myself nibbling and analyse why I even do it. I have come to the result that it has just become a habit and an obsession of sorts. I was not aware of how much I nibble. To even try to stop I have to make myself aware of it at all times of the day. Only then (when I am fully aware of it)  I can actively change my behaviour. That´s why I have now invented the D.O.N.T. concept.

It is a really basic concept. I have written "DON´T" on many post its and have been placing them wherever I spent a lot of time. For example, I write "DON´T" in my calender every morning, I have a post it planted on my favorite pen and one on my Ipad. I even wrote it on my hand today. Well, that might have been because school was a bit boring today. 

The post its are supposed to always remind me to not bite my nails and to keep my hands away from my forehead. As far as I can tell you it has actually helped me. I don´t nibble as much when I always have it in mind.

"DON`T" stands for the "Don´t do this" just as simple as it is, but also for "Don´t Offer Nibbling Time". I know that both basically mean the same, but in a way it helps to have a deeper meaning for it. It´s like talking a secret language with myself.

I know that you might not be a nibbler or a nail biter, but I´d bet that you have a bad habit too (we´re all in it together). You can use this concept to get rid of other bad habits as well. You might not have a deeper meaning then or you have to fit the deeper meaning to your bad habit, but that´s not even really necessary. It is important to always remember what you want to change in your behaviour. Only this way you can change a behaviour.

Do you have any bad habit(s) that you want to get rid off? Would you give my concept a try?

Have a wonderful day

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