All That I Own #2 - Nail Polishes

Hi there internet friends.

My blogpost yesterday (that I have written on friday and just forgotten to upload, shame on me!) remembered me of the load of nail polishes that I own. I thought I would give you an overview today.

1. Various Brands

These are the nail polishes that have no real group in my shelf. The one on the left is by Douglas and it´s called Maja 06; a beautiful color, but sadly it takes ages to dry especially because I need at least two coats. I have two samples of the Maxfactor Nailfinity nail polishes. They are called Onyx and Boji. I haven´t really tested them yet, but I think Boji is a beautiful color. I have talked about the two Boulevard nail polishes already. They still have amazing colors, but are really hard to apply evenly.

2. P2

I own the colors 190 Hold Me Tight!, 210 Eternal and 040 Fifth Avenue. I remember loving the bright pink one for summer. I would wear this all the time and I still think it´s a beautiful color. I also loved the red/pink one. But I don´t remember wearing the black one ever.

3. Essence

These are the colors 33 Just In Case, 70 Nude It!, 73 Princess Prunella and 129 The Boy Next Door. The left ones are older and practically were the first nail polishes I ever owned. I haven´t worn them in ages. I did wear the right one on New Year´s Eve. The new brushes are thicker and make applying so much easier. 

4. Primark Beauty

The nail polishes don´t say what they are called, but I remember buying them as a pack and mostly because I liked the box they were in. What can you expect from nail polishes this cheap? I was quite surprised to see that the right one did actually last two days. I do think they have a good formular because they are easy to apply.

5. Manhattan

Interesting, these are only called numbers. So the left one is 10S and the right one 57U. I love the glitter one. This is absolutely amazing, it looks so gorgeous on the nails that I would wear this every day if I could. I didn´t even really remember having that red one, but I think I am falling in love with the color and I will definitely try to wear it more often now.

6. Kiko

I remember buying these, but I don´t think I ever really wore them. I have so many other nail polishes in almost the same colors that they were not really worth buying, but I did it anyway. As my sister owns a lot of Kiko nail polishes I can tell that they have quite a good quality and maybe I should wear them sometime. They are called 217, 365 and 240, by the way.

7. Catrice

 All of these are amazing. I really adore this nail polishes. I think this (and Essie) is the brand that I wear most. I have the colors 030 my Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame, C02 Play It Blue, 915 George Blueney, 740 King Of Greens, C03 Love, Peach & Harmony, 560 Rusty But Sexy and 070 Caught On The Red Carpet. My absolute favorites are the peach one, the orange one and the dark blue one. They have such a beautiful shimmer.

8. Essie

These are Cute As a Button, Jamaica Me Crazy, Angora Cardi, For The Twill Of It and Dive Bar. The only thing that I can tell you is that I don´t love the pink one as much. The rest is purely amazing. If I had enough money I would probably buy all the colors. They have the perfect texture and the perfect brush for applying them evenly. Plus, they do last pretty long for a nail polish.

9. Top Coats

The Boulevard one is as hard to apply as the other two Boulevard polishes. The Manhattan Pro Shine Base Coat is a really good one and it dries really fast.  The Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails is one of the best top coats ever. It´s really cheap, but it dries so wonerfully fast and really seals the original polish. I only use the P2 Anti-Split Coat when I have a feeling that my nails will split and I think that it´s doing a good job especially when I just wear this polish.

As you can see I own a lot of polishes that sadly, I can´t wear as much as I want to (damn it, work!). Also most of the colors I own are pretty dark and blue-, nude- or red-ish, but I do have some bright colors. 

A thing that I noticed because I decided to write this blogpost is that some of my nail polishes are almost dried out. I had to add a bit of nail polish remover to some to apply them. This is a big reminder for me to wear nail polishes more often.

I would love to buy more brighter ones for summer and spring this year. Maybe even  try to connect this with wearing more bright lipsticks. Wouldn´t that look cute?

Have a wonderful day

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